Older design speakers , Kit, sold in the Big (Now Bad) Smoke Toronto.

This is a long shot but many years ago say the early 70's there used to be a small audio components shop on the west side of Avenue Road just south of Brooke ave. This is in Toronto. 
At the time they were selling speaker kits of various origin and there was one that stood out against all others they sold. I believe it was British kit  and it had an active driver as well as a similar sized Oval passive driver and a tweeter. The Oval drivers had round ends but the sides were parallel so they were more rectangular than oval. They were a box within a box and had a large port to the rear if I recall. 
I was young and couldn't afford the kit at the time now did I have access to a table saw to build the boxes and I was still living at home. 
I am long retired and am considering building speakers again. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. 
Try googling IMF, TDL and offshoot companies.

I used to know the history of the kits, but can't recall it @ the moment.

Thanks for the tip.. You must be OOoooooooold  :-)
Transmission line speakers is what they were called. Thee was a ton of Cotton wool insulation in one of the boxes and I believe part of the outer box was to be filled with a quantity of sand. 
There was a posting for the drivers of these speakers a while back but alas they are sold. 
They were in fact IMF so thanks for the lead and I'll carry on looking for a project. 

I'm only 62, but incurred head injuries in the late 90's that have affected my memory.

I just recalled "Bud Freid" who may have offered the kits here (in the USA) and also that there was some kind of business disagreement with the Euro designer/manufacturer that ended the kits.

Hi Dekay ...I'm zeroing in on 666so I've kind of got you beat but you sure pointed me in the right direction. Thanks again for the tip.
That should be 66,,, The 666 is pretty accurate as well.
Old, arthritic, overweight, single (separated, long story) cranky, lots of projects on the go. Keeps the mind active.
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