Older DAC connection to my Macbook??

I'm looking at an older Esoteric DAC to possibly buy but have only connected my current DAC with a USB to my Macbook Pro. The Esoteric doesn't have a USB. How would I connect it? Thanks for any input.


wifi with an Apple TV?
I understand on the Dac i use the toslink input but do i need a special cable? Is there a toslink to USB cable?
what inputs does the Esoteric DAC have?
It has optical/Toslink. I think I need a cable that has USB at one end and Tousling at the other? Is that possible? Do those cables exist?

there are convertors - Berkley has a nice one for $2,000

why not use the Toslink output from your macbook?

you may be thinking it has only a mini-jack but check it out
I would go with a USB/SPDIF converter. I have used many with older DACs. Use an Audiophileo 2 with Pure Power power supply. They come up used here on AG. Wiith the added power supply probably run ~$500-$600. In the interim you might get a Music Fidelity V-Link or M2tech Hiface converter. Either should run~$100 used and easier to find I use the Hiface in a 2nd system. 
Or just use the digital optical output on the macbook. Like @randy-11 said, the headphone output is also the toslink output. You’ll just need one of those little adapters to put on the end of the optical cable so it can attach to the ’headphone’ jack. That will be way less expensive than multi hundred dollar converters.
Thank you for the replies. The last one seems the most likely. I guess that's why those Dac prices seem to drop so much. Features and current connections are very important.
Indeed. As well as constantly advancing DAC chip technology. But there's nothing wrong with older units if the rest of your system isn't top of the line, state of the art stuff.
I have a pretty nice rig. Parasound JC-1's with JC-2 preamp. I have an Exogal Comet plus DAC and Salk Song 3 speakers. My Arcam FMJ cd 23 cd player is getting up there in age so I saw an Esoteric transport and Dac for sale on here. The Esoteric stuff is 10 years old but very expensive and highly regarded at the time of release. I keep hearing about the 'detail' of Esoteric gear so I guess i want a piece of that. I would also like SACD capability which i don't have. My system sounds pretty musical now.
Have you tried it? What do you think? You definitely have an amazing system. When I said sota, I was thinking $100k+ systems.. Still think you've a ways to go to reach my completely arbitrary definition.
I haven't bought the Esoteric gear. I don't believe I want to get into having an extra adapter just to connect it.