Older Anthem D2 or new Marantz?

This is for Home theater only.
Older Anthem D2 with ARC for 2500
New Marantz Av 7701 for 1488?

I currently run a PS3 and a front projector with HDMI 1.3.

The older Anthem is HDMI 1.1
The Marantz is HDMI 1.4

I mostly watch Blu-Ray's\

I have an Anthem for my amp. (not that it matters, unless it does)

Thank you for your input,
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If you want the "best" sound quality for movies and music, go with the Anthem. If you want very good sound quality and all the modern conveniences and HDMI simplification, the less expensive Marantz might be the way to go.

I was very content for quite some time with an older(2004)non HDMI NAD T773 receiver as a pre/pro until I found a NAD T175HD pre/pro for a price I could not pass up. Sound quality improved some(better DACS, Audyssey, etc.) and the convenience of HDMI was a big plus also.

I'd go with the newest marantz you can afford. get the latest technology. As an owner of a D2v I really think in the end that the processing may vary from unit to unit. But you can adjust it to your rooms needs and please your ears. The HDMI 1.4 will be needed for the BluRay 3D should you get a 3D display.
Just my opinion.
Theo... the processing may be different from unit to unit? are you speaking about different companies or from anthem units to anthem units

also i have no desire what so ever to use 3 d. i am very invested in an owner of a d2v stating to go with th marantz... please tell me what you like and do not like from the d2v...

thank you
Other opinions?
I own an Anthem AVM 50v. As much as I like it, I'd go with the Marantz with the newer technology for $1,000 cheaper. The Marantz actually sounds very good and will be fine for HT use.
Have both Anthem and Marantz stereo units. Both good to very good. But for a thousand bucks less and the latests formats, the Marantz is the way too go.
Thank you