Older amp/preamp combo suggestions for monitors?

Hi guys,
I have written a couple times recently asking for integrated amp suggestions. I got some great feedback in response--thanks. However, I also want to explore my options with seperate amp/preamp.

My budget is about $1000-$1250max for the set. That is why I would like to consider something perhaps a little older, but no older than 6-7 years (?). I will use this set with GMA Europas. I have the Europas, but I have yet to select a cdp. Music preference is varied, room is medium sized.

So given this info.,do you have any suggestions? Any specific brands/models that I should consider? Or, should I just go with an integrated for this application/price?

Thanks for any advice, Jb3
You might want to try the Conrad Johnson Sonographe series.The SA250 amp has gotten lots of good press. The Sonographe SC26 has a remote. The SC25 has no remote. You should be able to pick up both pieces for 800 to 1000 dollars.Conrad Johnson is a great company and the products they make are musically pleasing. Good luck in your quest.

I have a sa 250 and a sc26 if you find it used go for it ,you cant go wrong,outstanding.I have used Rotel ,Cambridge Tandberg,no comparison.Everybody talks about this new rotel integ amps,about how good they are,they are priced right where they should be.You are not going to pay 500 for something and expect it to replace seperates or stuff that costs 2 or 3 times more,thats not how it works.Al