Older 5.1 avr

Looking 4 hi~quality build and parts for amp section...pro logic 2 ...any specific models?
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b&k avr 202
I really like the B&K AVR-202, but it doesn't have DPL-II if I remember correctly. Too bad because it would be a great choice if it had the features you needed.

Also, if I remember correctly, DPL-II came out about the same time that many of the AVRs transitioned to 6 or 7 channel units. You may need to step into a 6 or 7 channel unit to get DPL-II.

If you choose a newer unit, I like the Onkyos. Any of the later units with auto-setup are pretty good. No, they do not have the build quality or amp quality of the B&K, but they sound good and are feature rich....

Sunfire Theater Grand II, III, or IV will fit the bill.
For good 'ol 5.1, the Arcam AVR-200 will get you a solid amp section and PLII.. The AVR-250 and 280 will give you PLIIx and 6.1 or 7.1.. All are solid units and they sound much more powerful than their watts spec on paper would suggest.. -jz