Old yamaha yp d8 turntable

I am looking to buy a vintage yamaha yp d8 turntable to match my vintage yamaha 2020 receiver.

I currently own a vintage technics sl 1401 direct drive quartz locked turntable.

Will the yamaha turntable be an upgrade?
It sure is a great looking peice of equipment.

Thanks, John
Your question made me look for the Yamaha on the web, I knew what the Technics looked like.

Your right, the Yamaha is attractive, and there's one at Ebay for less than $200.00 with original box if you have not already located one.

Sorry, but I do not know if it or the Technics is the better performer but would bet the phono cartridge and set up are as important as any engineering differences between the two.
My best friend gave me her yp d71 turntable with tonearm and semi automatic play. It has easily adjustable vta.It is my second yamaha turntable. I am familiar with the technics turntables. I never owned one. I doubt that there is much difference. I think they are both direct drivie quartz locked design. It was the late seventies. The major difference was the quality of the arm and cartridge.
I plan to mount my benz glider and replace the cables.