old vs new pre-processors of same brand

I currently own an Integra Research surround sound-processor RDC-7.1, which retailed for $5000 based on setup. It is great sounding unit, and has I-link input, as well as two sets of 7.1 inputs. Of course, times have changed and now longing for hdmi multi-channel input, room correction and other goodies. However, I am concerned the dacs and other factors that go into the audio component of current models are not up to par compared to the RDC-7.1. It was designed by BAT with assitance from Apogee. Any suggestions as to getting current technology without spending a fortune or sacrificing sound.
IMHO, the most audible difference will be the room correction/subwoofer integration via Audyssey (particularly xt32 on the higher end models) on the newer models. IME it will swamp any performance delta in the DACs themselves - particularly if (as I assume) you are using subwoofers. Some like to go the other way on this issue, but I'm a true believer.