Old VPI Scout: Cartridge Help

Ok purchased Old Scout with an Orfoton Blue. I see why people like this cart. It's definitely not for me in my system. Way to forward and bright.

I need something alot warmer and laid back. Considering Dynavector 10x5 but not sure it will be warmer. I would like more of a tube sounding/lush sounding midrange. Hoping to find a nice soundstage.

The blue is just missing the mark for me. Any help would be appreciated. Please keep it under 450.
Before you make a cartridge change, make sure your existing cartridge is properly set up and aligned.
How old is the cart.? If the TT is old, but the cart is not, you'll need to let it break in. Phono carts. show break in changes far more than any other component. If it is, then do what Brf says. If its still too bright, I don't know if I would recommend the 10x5. Its very good but I'm not sure if its what you are looking for. The 20 would be a much better choice. Just be sure to buy the low output version only if you have a preamp that can handle it.
Thanks for response. The blue came with the TT and was said to have low hours. So who really knows. I definitely believe in break in.

From what I read some people do think it's a tad bright and forward. Sadly if that's true it's a bad match for my amp. My amp can be sharp in the highs when matched incorrectly.

I like the resolution just a tad to sharp cause listening fatigue.

I want a warmer sound but still keep a good bit of detail.
I also setup the cart myself. First time. I think it's done right. But I could be wrong.
Try lowering your VTA a little bit. I bought an Ortofon Red for shits and giggles to mess around with and it's an amazing cart. Not forward or bright, in my system anyway.

Also, it did take about 50-60 hours to settle in.
What is your phono stage?
All Bull shite aside, IMHO, Darkstar you would benefit greatly by switching to a Dynavector 10x5. While the Ortofon Blue is a good cartridge it does not compare to the solid, dynamic, full range and warm to neutral sounding Dynavector. The Scout is a great table and it deserves at least a 10x5 to make it shine. Also, Dyn 20x would require a very good Phono pre and would be a Great bump in sound quality. The Dyn 10x5 is a more cost effective way to see if you like what the Dynavector can do for you. @ $450.00 its a very good deal as well.
..sounds like you need a Benz cartridge in there....and absolutely....set any cart up correctly
I will definitely try lowering VTA. I also am buying a mint jig to be more exact for future carts.

I do think it's a great cart. I think it's my personnel taste lean to the warm side. I also think it's a system mismatch.

The table is great. I pretty confident I will be using it for years.

Eventually I want a Tube pre.
I'm using the same table and used several of the 20X series Dynavectors before going with a AT OC9MLII at the suggestion of Keith Herron, who designed my phono stage. Wonderful match for the VPI Scout/JMW9. There is one that just came up for sale here for $300 with very low hours. I think you may be very happy with this combination but it would help to know what phono stage you are using as well as the rest of your system. Changing the cartridge alone may not get you where you want to go. Would you describe your system as "bright and forward" with other signal sources or just with the Ortofon in the system?
Sadly my system is made up of uncommon components. This creates a problem in gathering informed advice. Especially because I am a newbie.

The phono stage is the one in my pre-amp which is an Exposure XVII/17. It's got the MM board only and by all accounts on the Web it's a great phono stage. Many seem to indicate 1000k + to get a solid improvement. It does sound very natural.

The amps are exposure XVII mono blocks. From reading up these amps do better with speakers that are lower sensitivity and lean to the warm side. Paired with high sensitivity you can pickup some noise and bright speakers can make the highs a little sharp.

Well my speakers are a good fit. My old creek tuner is never bright quite warm creek cas3140. My cd players is good too Marantz cd 5004 after getting a decent interconnect.

Before the scout I had a project II with a Grado red. Of course the blue on the scout has way more resolution. Way better tracking. Bigger more open soundstage. Better layering with recordings that have it. The project and grado did seem to have more precise placement in the soundstage than the scout/blue but that's about it.

I have moved the speakers closer to the back wall which helped move the sound back. I have heard exposure produce a deep sound stage and a forward one. I think the room plays a big role in this. Current room has a large alcove which I think plays a big role in presentation.
The grado/project didn't have the edge blue has. I did like the grado so maybe I should go up the line for grado. I really don't want to spend more 450.on cart.

Mainly because I do listen to used vinyl and it seems to make sense to get a used tube phono before spending close to 1000k on a cart. I would also like to open the option to go LOMC before buying a high priced cart.

I don't know if this is a sound strategy.
Just and update. When I used the VPI Jig and 10x LED Lighted loupe I found I was sitting just behind the null point maybe even touching the back edge a tad.

I re-aligned the cartridge to be dead on and the shrill in the treble is now gone. Still want to upgrade but I putting it off because I have no problems listening to record after records.