Old Vandy 2Cs worth the cheap price for starter?

I have a buddy of mine who does not have the bucks to spend on audio gear. I gave him my old Luxman T-115 tuner, C-120A preamp and M-120A 110 wpc power amp. He also has my old IMF super compact II bookshelf speakers. I have seen some cheap prices on the older Vandy and Alon speakers around and under $500 a pair sold on Agon from people in CA where he lives.

Are these worth it for him to drop $350 on any of these pairs of speakers or any others?

In a heart beat. I have been through many top priced name brand speakers in the last few years. I should have bought my 2C's in the first place. Just a great sounding speaker.
I had the 1B's and My dad has the 2ce sigs...great speakers, but unless I could pick them up locally I wouldn't trust the original packing materials (pretty pathetic compared to my B&W's) and they are pretty heavy to boot...but they do sound VERY good for the price...I'd go with the 1c's and add a sub if necessary later...the 2's go deeper of course, but I still think they need a sub also.

just my 2c

The 2C's are really nice speakers. At that price, you can't go wrong. I owned a pair of 2Ci speakers for a number of years and was very pleased with them. Very easy to drive, too.
Yup! I have had a pair of 2C's going on 18 years and I can't part with them...Im not sure how much I would have to spend to significantly beat them--but it could be beyond my price range. I bought mine new for $1100 or so and they've worked great ever since. $500 and no shipping would be a good deal..good luck!
My new reference system is in the living room, and I have kept my 2Cis for my office system. They are just too good to give up, and I couldn't buy anything nearly as good for the price I could get used. One of my sources is a McIntosh MR67 tube tuner, and regardless of the amp I have tried, it is really lush through the 2Cis.
Thanks so much for the responses. Is there anything specific that we should ask the sellers about the speakers, reapirs or condition regarding this model?

Happy Listening.