Old Valhalla as Power Chord or New Frey 2 please

Dear All Passionated Persons or Colleagues,

Indeed I get a Linn System in Aktiv and I recently acquired one QB8, Red Dawn to the Wall + Several Blue Heaven and the improvements were stunning. So I wish to progress and wish to put more money (I know I am lucky nowadays but my passion is so strong).
So a basic question : Power Chord, Old Valhalla or new FREY 2 ?
Does Valhalla 2 is a small ODIN ?
All your feedbackas are welcome... Many thanks in advanced, All the best,
Disclaimer: I am a Nordost dealer.

Valhalla is much better than Frey 2 (that is the replacement of the Brahma).
Odin has a lot more authorithy and sound realism. I sold many many Valhalla powercables. For pre amps, sources and conditoners they work well. For poweramps it is inferior to Purist Audio Design. I sold a lot of Nordost in 9 years of time. Nordost is not flawless. You will loose depth and wide compared to other competitors using the best highend. Individual focus of instruments and voices is not sharp as in real. And it can not give the right proportion of instruments and voices. I have done hundreds of tests with Nordost. For me it is like 1 and 1 is 2.
Bo, is there anything you haven't sold?
I stopped selling Nordost in 2009. I sold it for 9 years.
I used and sold Nordost my way. Because wenn you use only nordost in your system you miss essential parts which should be there. I sold it a lot with Kimber interconnects. This made the stage wider and deeper. The focus of instruments and voices more sharp. And it gave more involvement in the mid freq. What I did was always a blind audition with 100% Nordost and using other brands in combination with Nordost. I never had a client who bought 100% Nordost. I am a perfectionist and only interested in the best sound possible. Because good never will be good enough for me.