Old tube versus new tube gear

How does the old expensive tube gear stack up against modern tube equipment ?.
It also depends on your preferences. Very tubey sound vs. tube equipment that does not sound very tube-like.
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tubes, tubes, and tubes; same, identicl? Lot's of factors here, to make that decision, but there is some older AR pres and amps that I wouldn't kick out of bed, TODY! How 'bout Western Electric? Pretty old and pricy.
I up graded from VTL 300 Deluxe mono blocks to VTL 450 MKII mono blocks. Huge technology upgrade with the same "House Sound". The auto biasing and fault protection features in the 450's are a huge improvement. This modern feature allows me to quickly identify a bad power tube, then replace the offender and get back to listening. With the old 300's it was a long process to locate the bad tube.
To many, an ideal dream system would be full Western Electric theater equipment.
Big passion and big wallets are needed to accomplish such a collection.
I think of Brook amplifiers and preamplifiers or full Marantz, the later of which Al has posted at times of having had and enjoyed! All should be made "healthy" utilizing original parts retaining original character, and IMO with period speakers.
I bet that I could be happy with either system for life.
I have a modern SET system that I know I can be happy with for life!
Top shelf done right is all good and timeless!!