Old TT vs New TT: Rebuilt Dual 701 or Rega RP3

Hi All,

Im puttin together my first Hi Fi system and need some help deciding what turntable to purchase.

As of now the system will consist of the following:
Decware Mini Torii Amp
Decware ZP3 Phono Preamp
Audio Nirvana 10" Cast Frame Full Range Speakers in custom cabinet.
OPPO 105 BD Player (once its vailable)
Anticables for speaker and rca cables.

Im having a tough time deciding between getting a rebuilt Dual 701 TT with a Sure V-15 Type III cartrige or a Rega RP3 with the factory fitted Elys Type 2 Cartridge.

I will be listenning to all types of Lp's and music, but Im mostly geared towards classic/modern rock, reggae and some hip hop.

My main concern with this purchase will be sound quality first and durability and ease of use second.

The rebuilt Dual 701 can be had for around $750 and the new Rega RP3 for around $1,100.00 so there is also that price difference to take into account.

I live in Panama so HiFi equipment service is almost non existant here so I want something that will play for a long time without any issues.

Can I really expect to get a better sounding and more durable TT in a Rega RP3 or Music hall MMF5.1 vs a rebuilt Dual 701?

Thanks for your help.

Carlos E.
Having owned them both, Dual 701 easy, Shure much better too.
If it were my choice, I would go Rega RP3. New design, technology and materials.
I love old Duals and the Shure is better if in good shape, but Tbromgard is right and there is also an upgrade path for the Rega with aftermarket companies like Groovetracer and tonearms mods like Funk. You can do it as budget allows, to take the Rega to a higher level. Regas are as simple as can be, so there is less to worry about.
I have owned older Thornes TT's in the past. A year ago I dusted off my Vinyls and bought a Rega P3/24 for $600 and replaced the subplatter,belt and put a beautiful acrylic platter.Mounted a Nagaoka MP200. And I would have to spend over $5500 or more to get better sound.I spent around $1200 with cartridge. That=Big savings. And The sound is way better today than it was 20-30 years ago when I was spinning.(washing records and treating them with Gruve Glide is a big positive step in lowering the records noise floor)

Keep Spinning.

Matt M
That Rega can be brought all the way up to the level of the Sota Star Saphire, which is one heck of a TT. This is according to a Sota Star Saphire owner.

A Saphire Groovetracer, plus new tonearm wire and tonearm weight will do it.
I have not heard of this wire upgrade for the REGA can u elaborate plz.Also, is it fairly easy to do yourself? I have heard of the counter weight and do not have that Yet :-)

Vinyl Nirvana has some rebuilt Thorens that might be good alternative options.
Otherwise go for the Rega if you want high quality, reliable non suspension TT in the under $1.5K range.
This kit consists of high quality Cardas Wire that replaces both the internal and external cable. The result is a single piece of wire from the cartridge to the male RCA's that plug into the preamp. The improvement on my Rega was dazzling.

While this took great care, it didn't require any special knowledge. Instructions can be found online.

That's Incognito Wire, $205. for the kit, and $279. installed.
on the rega arms the other major improvement is replacing the rubber 0-ring friction coupled counterweight with a screw down counterweight. This improves transient detail.
If the model 701 is a direct-drive Dual with the coreless motor, go for it. It should outperform the Rega in stock form. If you want to pay for and install the many upgrades recommended by others for the Rega, perhaps that's a different story, but also a lot more dollars.

We are talking about turntables; I presume you will use the stock tonearm that comes with each of your two choices. The tonearm should match well with the cartridge of your choice, in terms of effective mass.