Old Transpot or CDP and High-end DAC combination

Any advices on using Legacy transport or CDP like TEAC VRDS10 with the new generation DAC like Esoteric D05 or Wadia. Has anyone tried these sort of combo ? Any Jitter concerns ? Thanks.
I use an Esoteric P-10 ( from 1993 ) with a Stellavox ST-2 ( 2005 ). Have also had a TEAC VRDS T1 ( 1997 ) with Apogee Mini-DAC ( 2007 ). I used a 1.5-meter digital interconnect for minimum cable-reflection-induced jitter.

I have found these higher-quality older transports to work very well with more modern converters. Neither of my setups posed the sort of problem you seem to be anticipating.

The one caveat might be the age of the laser, which will certainly need replacement and perhaps sooner than later. The VRDS units use Sony laser heads and these seem still to be available, but IME not all technicians are equally good at installing them. In my case the local TEAC authorized service did a poor but expensive job, and the new laser needed another replacement after less than a year. The second time round I was lucky to find a very competent gentleman.
I use a Teac VRDS 25 with a Lavry Black DA10 and a VRDS 25X with a Bryston BDA-1.

I had both VRDS units extensively upgraded (power supply, Sample Rate converter opamps, and digital output board) with parts from ASE-Audiotuning in Germany. Plus, a few months after I got it, the 25X needed a new laser.

While my best digital front end remains the Teac/Esoteric P70 with Universal Audio 2192 DAC/ADC/word clock, I wouldn't be said if I was restricted to one or other of the VRDS-25 set-ups. They are really very good.

Some of the early 1990s Sony CDPs make very good transports as well (e.g., X779ES, X777ES), but Teac is much more responsible than Sony about keeping replacement parts in stock.
Thank you Tobias , Joe for aharing your experiences. I suspect my VRDS 10 will need a laser head replacement in the near future, is it available on the net ? Anywhere I can get ?