old thorens 150

I have an old thorens 150 in my basement (with thousands of seventies records that were played on it). I know this machine need some work and parts (belt). Is it worth fixing it up and what are they worth ?

Roger the Record Hermit
I think it might be worth fixing. There is an article on www.hi-fiworld.co.uk that talks about the 150. From what that article says, it sounds like it can be a very good turntable. The address for that article is: www.hi-fiworld.co.uk/hfw/oldeworldehtml/thorenstd150.html.
Your table is worth fixing up for a lot of reasons.
1. A belt is only about $10.
2. That table is a legend because it sounded better than most gave it credit and in fact sounds better than a new Rega. (except the Rega arm is good.)
3. Throw a matt and some feet on it along with a good sounding complient cartridge like Grado or Benz and you have a table that is better than a lot of people have.
4. If you wanted to sell it you can get over $200 from a person that knows what it is.
5. It is hard to find any table that will play 78's let alone a "Good" table. (Thorens still makes one but not as goo on 33's as yours.
Sure it's worth fixing as long as you don't spend big $ on it. Check out the vinylenginefor info. There's also another place I can't remember now.
Don't know what they are worth.
I agree, it is defintely worth fixing up unless it has major problems like a bent motor shaft (but I have heard ocasionally these have been straightened with success).

Here is another link that will have alot of good info on your Thorens.


Also there are alot of past and present Thorens owners on the AudioAsylum in the Vinyl section. Lots of Thorens experience there.