Old Stereophile Magazines

I was boxing up a bunch of old Stereophile magazines last night. I wondered if they are worth selling. I have been a subscriber for many years. However now I am more in to Home Theater. What do you think?
what are the oldest issues?
I'm sure that ebay will be your successful media for a whole-bunch-selling.
People buy back issues and sets of these and other audio mags all the time. I've been recycling mine forever, except for a couple of issues reviewing products I like or own or something. You can sell them here, or on eBay.
I am looking for the October 1996 issue. If you have it and would like to sell it, let me know.

Perhaps you should send them to John Atkinson. Remind him of what the magazine once was and should be.
I agree with Doug. There was a time when they actually had an OPINION about things. If they didn't like a particular piece of equipment, they said so. Of course, these days, that can be dangerous. I'd go ahead and post. Nothing to loose there. Good luck.....
Do you have July 1989? There's a review of Linn amps on page 125.