old smokey bar 2:00 am jazz

Just got back from Vegas, worn out, saw all the cool club/casino pretty scene. Went with a "wana be hi spender and lived like a king. See things this country boy shouldnt have seen ( but was it great ) Limos,Cars,Food,Wine,Money,Vices Did I forget Women ( I only looked )

Got to get back to the roots, scrub all the decadance.

I have a few old classic slow, raspy sax, just raspy slow anything that I havent heard and would put you in the mood in your listening room for after the family/dog/visitors/neighbors/baseball teamn/anyoneelseyoucouldthinkof/getoffmyass/mood. (can you tell im sunburntsortofhadabadday kind of mood.

Ill be better after a few adult vices, and my listening room is underground and unattached from the house ( in Oklahoma its call a really big cellar ) and no one knows.

Like I said I like new main stream and love underground stuff but im picky and its got to be really good for the whole cd, listen beginning to end.

Looking forward to see what happens

Clifford Jordan-"Live at Ethell's" will be the best sounding CD in your collection.Mappleshade recording is same folks as the audipphile cables.Live to to track with no mixing board.Venus atuff from Japan if you can find it -Slow deep Archie Shepp on that label.24 bit recordings that along with Mappleshade are the best.If it's smoky and cool atmosphere you want but a bit ecclectic get the soundtrack to movie "Devil in a Blue Dress".Jazz,Blues etc from Central Ave Los Angeles just after WWII.Another nice compliation (except for cut where Kevin Spacey sings) is the Johhny Mercert stuff on sound track to "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil".Smokey,hazy,bluesy.Hey just get any good Dinah Washington CD like "Dinah Jams"
If you want something you probably haven't heard, try Ruby, Ruby by Gato Barbieri (I'm not crazy about all his albums but do enjoy this one). It is a bit romantic but lots of great melody with sax. I have it in vinyl but not CD -- if you don't like it, I'll buy it from you (CDNow for 11.49). If I make too many more suggestions, I might go broke so I'll quit now. Happy listening.