Old school speaker in new threads

Just saw this and thought to myself that this may be cheaper alternative to offerings from JBL, Klispch and other already established brands. The brand is Magnat, from Germany.


The line has 3 speakers of similar design with a 10" woofer, a 12"woofer and a 15" woofer.

The best part is the pricing. The 10" goes for around $938.90 and up to around $1172.70 for the one with the 15" woofer. This could be a great way to get into enjoyable sound and not break the bank and have that old school, retro look. It breaks all the rules of modern speaker design, just like my JBL 4319s, which still manage to sound wonderful.

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Those are very retro cool looking nonoise if they sound good too that's a great buy,
I like how they look too.Would love to hear them.
I couldn't find any online reviews other than the ones on their site so I went and took a look on YouTube. They seem to have been around in foreign markets for about a year and some of the videos have very decent sound and some don't.

One said it would make you the worse neighbor 😄👍
They were using some $20K worth of Macintosh, which was overkill, but they did sound decent.

Another compared it's sound to some Klipsch Rf7 Mk3 and another to some Infinity SM255. In both, I preferred the sound of the Transpuls.

Another video just took them apart as much as they could and one can see why the largest is just over $1K. I'd like to hear them in the flesh before I'd commit.

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I was a Magnat dealer many moons ago.  They were a completely different speaker back then.

Not bad, but definitely made to a price point. But you can get a used Cornwall I or II for about the same price or a little more and have the real deal.

Also not sure how you avoid comb filtering with those two tweeters.


that Humidor Speaker looks cool too
I’ve almost purchased an older pair of Magnats on 3 different occasions but never did.  Never have even heard a pair, but the older stuff looks nice and comes up cheap on craigslist.

I think Magnat and Canton are in a contest to see who can have more models of speakers...