Old-school, and the quest for musical nirvana

Am I alone in finding the majority of modern equipment amusical? Is the pursuit of imaging and resolve really more important?

Why can I only find true contentment in the best of the old?
Okay, I'll bite...
What equipment are we talking about? - As in, what equipment do you love vs. what new equipment you find 'amusical'?

you are correct in your assumptions- much of the newer gear is made in china, thus, making it amusical for certain. Which older gear do you own and/or enjoy?
"...much of the newer gear is made in china, thus, making it amusical for certain."

jafant, I hope that was tongue in cheek???
Real music isn't neutral - the aim of most modern designs.
It's because equipment are not designed for musicality today....they are designed to be analytical microscopes in search of inner detail, and not to perform a musical synthesis in the name of the whole musical gestalt. That is why I stick to a single-ended triode amp (from Audio Note) which belongs to the old school of audio, and make use of lightweight Fostex paper cones. It is all about delicacy and naturalness.
Some of the best audiophile products are made in China. There’s no doubt that some Chinese headphone amps like Bada are exceptional. I had one for several years. John Curl’s JC-1 amps are made in China. So Are iPhones and iPads. Hel-loo!

Products used to be assembled by human, now they're assembled by machines.
That's difference. No heart --  no music.
China, Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, USA who gives indeed?