Old Rockers never die, they just get more wrinkly?

Check out Keith Richards.... Lol.

Seriously to the topic in hand.

I am like many here I suspect in that I grew up listening to 60,s & 70,s rock music.
For me being in England it was bands like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd yada yada yada, you get the picture.

Now I have embraced streaming and via this medium I have found much new to me music that I thoroughly enjoy but......

Can't shake them roots!

Nothing is guaranteed to put a huge silly grin on my face quicker than cranking out the old rocker tunes.

Like last night, streaming some jazz fusion which was ok but then clicked on Outsider by Uriah Heep.

Oh yes, feet were shuffling, hands were twitching and ready to break out the old air guitar!

So what REALLY moves you?
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Back in the day (mid-60s). The Beatles & The Rolling Stones were IT. No others need apply. But of course, there was room for more...

For me, of the Brit blues-rock bands, Cream was the best (regardless of what bdp thinks of ’em). If not "best" in an objective sense, my favorite. Something like 40 years later, they only improved based on the Royal Albert Hall reunion which I think was 2005.

Can’t leave out Led Zeppelin. High school study hall with friends playing their first over and over on one of those portable one speaker record player boxes.

I remember people raving in ’70/’71 about Deep Purple’s "In Rock" well before DP became a "household name", as it were.

On the US side of the ocean: Leslie West & Mountain. The first two: Climbing & Nantucket Sleigh Ride.

Always had a soft spot for MC5 (Kick Out The Jams).
Another bdp fave.

Allman Brothers Band - a little late picking up on them: Beginnings and At Fillmore East (probably ’72/’74 before I heard them).

Back to your side of the ocean. Rory Gallagher though I was really late to that party. I do remember owning Tattoo (released in ’73).

I’m guessing I’ve got 10 years more of wrinkle time than you, U ;-)

With the possible exception of MC5, I can listen (and do) to all the above and think they are fantastic.

U - A belated "Happy Birthday". 
Live to see many more in health and happiness.  

(truth be known, closer to 20 on you...but who's counting).