old revels vs new revels

hi, does any one have experience with the old vrs new revel sound, can you please say what the differences are in between them ? thanks , chrissain
I reviewed both in the same room. Here are the links:


If your considering buying into something within the current Revel product line, give the F52 serious consideration.
hi kal, I have read both of your reviews, but I did notice that you did not offer an opinion of which you liked better. are the new ones worth the extra money , or not?
wpines, I have the revel f32s, and am thinking of the f52s, but maybe I should go for a pair of older gems instead, becouse I have a smaller room. any feedback would be welcome ! thanks , chrissain
I definitely preferred the new ones in all ways except, as I wrote, for their more "ordinary" appearance. I have not heard the F52 for any useful time.

ok, I now have the studio 2s in my listening room on loan from a friend. I have to say in some ways they are better than my f32s, but are less forgiving, and less warm sounding than the f32s. its very suprising how different they are voiced. you would not think they are from the same company ! I have to say, unless there is something wrong with this pair, they are not worth over 4 times the cost. i was much mor impressed with the salons, they seem to be a much better speaker than the studio 2s, almost like all the time and effort and r&d went into the salons , and the studios were an after thought. could this possibly be? i used to love the sound of the old studios, a very good speaker. right now I think i would rather have the old ones vrs the new ones, but this is not the case for the salons. maybe its a system mismach, i dont know. post more later. chrissain