Old & New Koetsu Rosewood mc. Which is better?

Is there any sonic difference between the old and new Koetsu Rosewood mc cartridge?
It looks like more people are prefering the old one than the new one for some reasons.
Also if an old Koetsu rebuilt by VDH, will it sounds like an original Koetsu or process a VDH sound or none of the above........
The older Koetsu cartridges used Alnico magnets, which many people like alot. The newer ones use much more modern magnet systems, and many people like them alot too. It is an issue of personal taste there.

The main reason why some people are rebuilding the older Koetsu carts, is that the Rosewood body gets better sounding as it ages. Koetsu even mentions this.

The VDH or other rebuilds are not the same as the original Koetsu, and will not sound the same. If you want the Koetsu sound, you must have it rebuilt by Koetsu.