Old man pointing and wheezing,. I remember when........

I am happy for all of you (us) that have been in this rat race....er, ah Hobby for sometime and remember your own Golden Oldies.  Some that I remember fondly:

Pioneer PD-65

Advent Receiver

Original Large Advents

Dahlquist DQ-10

Martin Logan Sequel

Original Monster cables/interconnects

These were some of the beginnings.  I had the CJ-ART, many Audio Research units..and other big names, but I expected those to be good.  That little Advent Receiver was not expected to be much...but really gave much pleasure and growth to my audio journey (a nod to Steve Perry)

The Pioneer PD-65 will probably be the best looking component I have ever and will ever own.

Accoustat 2 + 2s, sans sox

Raysonic 228 2 box tube cd player. Too bad the motherboard had issues right at the time the company folded

Back in the Jurassic age of this hobby ( early to mid 70’s) in my university residence dorm soaked in beer and the wisps of Maui Wowee…. I had a killer system for THAT time. (emphasis added)

MARANTZ 2245 receiver

JBL L100 bookshelf speakers (referred to as “studio monitors” cuz they were widely used as such by recording studios)

ELAC MIRACORD turntable with SHURE V15 cartridge

OEM unit throw-in IC’s and zip cord speaker cables.

This system still sounded great in that early emerging audio hobby era with that ethereal “ California Sound “ (… Google it …) with big frequency curve humps in the bass, mid, and treble. They were perfect for 60’s pop and 70’s rock . Why? Because that’s the way the recording engineers mastered those era tunes. If you are a nostalgia fan and bass-head …rock on!

However, this old ergo “vintage” system gets smoked performance-wise by even the modest high-end build offerings in today’s offerings.



In my peer group, nothing had move impact than the original Large Advents.  Next in line came the Dahlquist DQ-10 and early Magnepans.  As far as electronics, early Audio Research, Conrad Johnson and early Classe were what myself and most of my friends cut their "audio ears" on. 

I had a Magnavox CDB-650, a NAD 3240 and a pair of DCM TF-350s. Low fi for sure, but I still have fond memories of that little rig.

Long forgotten, but the Magnavox CDB-650 was the beginning of cd players being 


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Six years ago bought a pair of DQ10’s with upgraded crossovers, new woofer surrounds and custom stands/new black grill cloth/new walnut side pieces. Still a formidable sounding speaker! Cost $375/local pickup. I first listened to DQ10’s back in ’77 at my local high end emporium.