Old is new again?

I have read for several years now about how good the LFD Integrated Amp. can sound, in spite of the fact that it uses the "Minimalist approach" to design, coupled with extreme care in parts selection.
With that in mind, I have also read about how "good" some 70's Solid State Integrated Amplifiers can sound.
I recently picked-up a collection of old equipment from a large Estate. One of the pieces was a Lafayette Model 25A Integrated Amp. After some serious cleaning of everything including all the Pots and switches, I connected it to a pair of JBL Bookshelfs, using a CD Player as source material. I was ASTOUNDED at how good it sounded! I have no illusions about the power output of such an Amp., probably no more than 10W/chnl? But hey, it sounded great. The 25A is a truly minimalist approach to Amplifier design, but proof that inexpensive Japanese imports were capable of respectable sound, at least in my opinion.
Is that Lafayette tubed?Regardless it sure is fun going back to certain pieces that are from the "Golden Age".Good luck,Bob