Old Integrated Amp / Digital sources?

Need some advice. I am currently running my system with a vintage NAD 3020. I am thinking of adding an apple TV so that I can tap into the 1000's of songs my family has purchased. It only has a "optical audio" output. What is best to do?
- Get a new amp and an apple TV?
- Is there some type of conversion box and use existing amp?
- are there any other clever solutions to access iTunes without an apple TV?

My current sources - Sony BluRay player, Cable box.
No need to get a new amp. All you need is a D-to-A converter (DAC) with an optical input. The FiiO D3 is very cheap and, I've heard, very good.
Great, thanks so much! I will check it out.
No problem. Hope it works out!
Hi Afranta,

Just as Hifibear has pointed out, and wanted to let you know about the Emotiva DAC (See their site.) It'a a great DAC for
pretty cheap, and is what I am running my apple tv through.

Good luck!