old high end v. new entry level: audience

For those familiar with the Audience Cables, how would you compare an original Au24 (not e or SE) with a Conductor e version, in terms of transparency and sound stage. This is CD to preamp, Marantz 8005 to Nuforce MCP18.


the older cables are fine (only). If you are looking to increase timbre, resolution, transparency...etc. A step up to the SE version is all you will ever need. Keep me posted and Happy Listening.
I am leaning towards the Conductor SE over the Audience Au24 for that reason. Gain the SE benefits even if the conductor material is not the Au 24s OHNO copper. Price is roughly the same between the new Conductor SE and the used Au 24.
Personally, I would go for the used AU24. It is a top-notch product at a reasonable price, especially used. You can always upgrade later, but don't assume the upgrades are actual improvements. The old AU24 cables were very, very good.