Old Equipment Inherited

So I am now the owner of a Counterpoint SA-11 and Audio Research SP-9. They turn on, and the tubes glow. Is there a market for this stuff? I figure shipping alone will be huge, with the SA-11.

What do you realistically do with it? Shipping would seem to make pricing prohibitive. Is this just a Craigslist and hope for the best?

The B&W 801 FS speakers are so huge, I think these are another albatross. No idea how you would ship these!

The Counterpoint SA-20/20 went in the trash because, let's face it, 65lbs, with some kind of fault (power LED indicating fault) and no one knows how to work it....
It is older gear now but there is a market for it, even when shipping is expensive. You should put it up for auction IMO. and figure the cost of shipping, as needed, to serious bidders.
Craigslist may be the best for a quick local sale but I hope your skin is thick. You will encounter even more tire kickers than here. Even if you were to list them at a fair MV price be ready to people to even ask for more of a discount. Then you get the numb nuts that will ask Still Available on CL? I've sold some stuff on Craigslist but around me there are a lot of degenerates to deal with.

You could get some money for all that gear either by listing them here on Audiogon, Craigslist or Ebay but just be ready. On any listing put local pick up only or make the buyer arrange for shipping. There is a market for all the stuff you mentioned.
If you've never had any internet selling account I'd advise you to hold on and sell some cheap stuff first such as CDs, records, books and build your feedback first before selling these components. This way they will potentially bring you more funds.
Why not hook them up and listen to them? You may find you don't want to sell them? You can use your DVD player as an input for the system, play CDs through it.

Also there are companies that specialize in old classic gear, Oaktree rings a bell? It's Oaktreevintage.com, they may buy all of that gear from you, even the broken stuff, if not them there are others If you don't want to go through the trouble of selling it one piece at a time. Google the name of each piece and see what they are worth, you'll see similar items for sale somewhere. You will be surprised, worth more than you think.

But hook it up! You'll be surprised at how nice that stuff is! I'm sure all of us here on this forum will help you in any way to get you started.
That SA-11 was a nice preamp in the day. It is DEFINITELY worth something and I wouldn't try to sell it on Craigslist, forget that. Craigslist is for selling junk you want to get rid of and good luck with that. The Counterpoint isn't junk. As noted by Czarivey, try to build up some feedback or just auction it on this site. You may get a bit more than you expect. It certainly isn't a door stop. As for the SP-9 same thing though not as nice a piece as the SA-11 it is still an ARC and someone will be interested.
The OP's playing games. He knows exactly what he has and is either too cheap to take out a listing, or is playing dumb claiming that he inherited all this heavy old junk and doesn't know what to do with it all.

"The Counterpoint SA-20/20 went in the trash because, let's face it, 65lbs, with some kind of fault (power LED indicating fault) and no one knows how to work it...."

That line is just brilliant. He's hoping we all jump out of our chairs yelling "Stop! Don't throw any more heavy stuff away! Its still worth something....."

I know someone's bound to say why I don't give the OP the benefit of the doubt. My answer to that would be to look at the OP's other post from 2013.

"Counterpoint SA-20 Amplifier
Not sure where to post this, so I thought I would start here and see if anyone can offer suggestions.

I have the subject amp, and the main fuse blew, and replacing it, same thing happened. Going by the Alta Vista Audio site, the probable cause is the main power supply is gone.

I am no longer in a position to support this amp, plus Mike Elliot doesn't fix them anymore anyway due to health issues, so before I take it to the local dump, is there a place to freecycle items like this. I guess it is not totally free, since they would have to pay the cost of shipping 70+ lbs of metal to wherever they are, but it is almost free.

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As anyone can see, the OP clearly knows exactly what kind of equipment he "just inherited".
Like he didn't take a look on Ebay and see what that gear sells for. Why does he care so much about shipping,the buyer pays for that? Looks bogus to me !
I have an Audio Research SP-9 mki that I bought on eBay back in 2008 and I still enjoy listening to it occasionally. They've sold for $600-$900 depending on the condition and the type of tubes that are presently in the unit.

Best wishes.