Old Ensemble Dichrono DAC

I'm looking for information and especially impressions regarding the old Ensemble Dichrono DAC. I just sold my Cambridge Audio Dacmagic and am looking for a good DAC in order to partner it with my modded Squeezebox Duet.
Can anybody help me out, since I'm not able audition it. I only have until this evening to close the deal because my sister-in-law will be coming back to Brazil by then.
Thanks a lot in advance
Hi Andre, take a look at my review of both the Ensemble transport and Dichrono DAC here on the GON. It will give you very good details regarding the sonics of this DAC. All Ensemble gear is beautifully built and of high quality. If you can get a pristine used one at a good price it would still be very competive sonicly with DACS up to the $4000.00/$6000.00 retail even in todays market of DACS. Good Luck.
Hi Teajay,
thank for the input, but I was talking about the older Dichrono. It seems that you reviewed the Hi-Dac. Still, thanks for willingness to help.