Old Dyna amp -- Worth Repairing??

I was given an old Dyna tube amp which seems to work well except, on occasion, there is an intermittent hiss or hum in one channel. Does this sound like a common or simple problem? I enjoy the use of this amp in my painting studio, so ultimate fidelity is not absolutely critical. However, I don't have the money to spend on a major repair. Typically, will I be charged a fee to even have someone open up and look at this piece of equipment? Or, should I ask for a free estimate? Any bits of advice on finding a fair and competent repair shop?

I am very glad I found this forum, as I enjoy music, but know very little about electronics, etc. (am a newbie), but am learning as I go. TIA.

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Good advice, even though you remain "Clueless". BEWARE working on the amp yourself unless you do your homework as it contains "lethal" amps (even many weeks after being unplugged). Though Clueless remains so, he/she is far from, again good advice.