Would love to have some comments on the picture quality differences of older CRT front projectors like the Runco IDP 980 versus some of the newer DLP projectors like the sharp 9000. I have a 19x19 room that I will be able to get very dark, so I am after strictly the best picture image. From a convenience standpoint I feel that the DLP route wins out, but from a cost standpoint I have seen several offerings for low milage CRT units that are much less expensive than the used DLP's. The question is will an older CRT unit deliver as high quality a picture as one of the newer DLP projectors! Buying new is out of the question as I just can't afford that much. Looking to invest up to $3,000 for the projector plus whatever video cabling is necessry.

Any all comments welcomed.

I'm not a home theater expert but in our audioclub there are a bunch of ardent videophiles and to them there is no doubt. The picture is not comparable. I have personally had an 18000 runco dlp and my 8500 marquis and the crt was the hands down winner. A good friend had a very expensive dlp (nec big bucks) against his nec and none in the group had any question which was better. The downsides are you need expertise and set up. As far as dealers the best used dealer I have run across is curt palme in vancouver (hope this isn't illegal but I have nothing to do with him). He is super keen and a gent to deal with. If you want info drop me a note. This post might be better on avs forum. Good luck

Being more of an audiophile, I have recently gone through this with the purchase of my new Sony rear projection CRT.
From what I have researched, the CRTs still produce a better picture than the newer DPL, LCD and plasmas but you would'nt believe it when you see them at Best Buys and the like. These newer technologies still have some bugs to be worked out.
If you can deal with the size, like I can, CRTs are a bargain.
I appreciate both of your posts....I have had a CRT widscreen TV for about three years but with all of the newer technology did not know how the CRT's stacked up against it. Since posting I have done several web searches and there does seem to be a general consensus that CRT's are cumbersome, difficult to initially set up but the payout is a picture thats comparable to any of the newer formnats. There is an outfit in Charlotte that can provide the expert set up so as soon as my wife gets over the thought of 140 pound projector hanging from the ceiling I'm likely going to give this a try....I'll post again once everything is set up.