Old Classe pre-amps vs. new?

I'm looking to match up a Classe pre-amp to my Classe CA-300 amp and was wondering the better choice, the older DR5 or DL5 series, or the newer models, such as the CP47.5 or CP35 series? Any opinions would be appreciated.
Go for the newer for sure, if you can find the CP50 or CP60 even better. You don't see them for sale much because they are "keepers"! That's a great amp too, I had one, matched up with Classe CDP .5 and the CP 50 wish I'd kept the whole system! good luck
You are compaing the old/Dave Reich to the non-DR designed units.I prefer the older units.Maybe slightly darker,but have a little more magic in the mids.My vote goes to the DR-5/6.
Yep the older DR series amps are nice but I don't think the sames holds for the preamps. The new series have the warmth to them and offer a lot better resolution on a wider variety of materials. Also owner the CA oo series amps and currentluy still have a CA301 mated to a CP 65. Ifyou can find a CP 50 CP 60 or CP 65 they are much more refined and in my opinion don't lose much of anything to the new Delta series
I used to own a CP50 and highly recommend it. It was a really great preamp that had incredible resolution for the money. I went through a dozen preamps in that price range and the CP50 stands out as the best IMO.

The only issue with it is the remote battery cover is held down with tiny allen machine-thread screws that can strip without you even noticing....and those remotes are no longer manufactured.

I have a modified CA-300 mated with a CP-50 and concur with what others have said. Lack of an original Classé remote is not a problem if you have a Philips Pronto universal remote. Configuration files with Classé IR codes are available for download at Remote Central.
I used a CP 47.5 with my CA 400. I am using a Plinius M 16 now. A nice upgrade. There is one for sale w/phono board if still avialble.
The CP-47.5 is a nice preamp but not quite at the same level as the CP-50 or CP-60. The CP-47.5 came out after the 50/60 and was an attempt to deliver some of their performance attributes at a lower price point. The parts quality and complement in the CP-47 is not the same as the 50/60/65. For one thing, if you look at the rear panel RCA jacks as readily visible evidence of this, they are made of stamped metal similar to what you find on mass market gear, versus the typical solid, tiffany style jacks typically found on Classé components. Rear panel views of the CP-47.5 and CP-65 can be found on the Classé website under discontinued models.