old carver tmf-25 vs new NAD D 3020

I tried to post this yesterday but not sure why it didn't go thru.

I am setting up a small 2-ch bedroom system from my parts bin. I am using a meridian 561 as my pre, Dynaudio excite 12, Sonos as source (apple lossless format). the issue is with my amp.

I bot the old carver TMF 25 about 10-12 yrs ago but only used it on and off for 2-3 years. The amp works fine but I noticed a fairly decent level of "hiss" noise and it bothers me.

1. i can send the carver for some re-cap/recondition for several hundred dollars which I am not sure will worth it and may not cure the issue. or

2. get a small, good quality integrated like the NAD d 3020. it fits my purpose; given all the rave reviews and a class C component, it should sound good too but at only 4 lbs? i was taught that a good amp should weigh quite a bit....

any better suggestions from fellow audigoner will be much greatly appreciated. thanks.

I had a TFM-35x many, many years back. Coupled to a Carver Pro-Logic Pre/Pro (forgot the model #), the sound was incoherent, which I later pinned to the pre/pro when I replaced it with a McCormack TLC-1. The TFM-35x turned out to be pretty good (later replaced it with an Aragon 4004MkII.

That said, it will probably be expensive to restore that Carver - if your budget is limited, a nice integrated will do ya just nicely. NAD, Creek, Cambridge - all very nice choices new. Stretch a bit and peruse the used market in A'gon - you're sure to find something.