Old Carver

For the people who still run their old Carver amps, I sent my TFM 45, that I bought back in the 80s, to Carver repair in Stevenson Wa.  I ask them to do every upgrade they offered & now after about 30 hours it's really coming to life.  It has never sounded better.  Tighter bass, wonderful mids & very open highs.  As the old car guys say, don't crush em, restore them.
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So many amps and other equipment has a chance for a second life just by replacing all of the electrolytic capacitors. As always, there is much more that can be done, but the caps are the essential thing to have replaced due to their age. Turns out that an electrolytic capacitor ages even when the device is not in use. Potentiometers too can sometimes use a good cleaning after years of neglect. In the end, the product will perform at least as good as when it was new, if not better. Check out the Carver Site for a lot more info about your amp and other Carver gear.
I am pleasantly surprised by the difference. I wish I had my Kappa 8s back.