Old Benz Micro vs. Benz Micro S

Anybody upgrade and older Benz to the S series? impressions? worth a trade in?
I went from an Benz Ebony LP to the LPS.... The LP was a great cartridge... The LPS does EVERYTHING the LP did, but better. The tracking is sensational..no sandpaper S's or T's ever.. Soundstage is bigger, deeper, higher, etc. The see through aspect of it is super. Run to the S
I have heard both in my system. IMO, the LPS is not an evolutionary upgrade from the LP. It is an entirely different and much better cartridge. I'd say to go for it.
Ditto the remarks regarding the new Benz LP S class, and the new S class overall. Do a search on this forum and you will find plenty of comments about the new Benz LPS and about the new S class in general.

If you can get into a upgrade agreement with a Benz dealer, it is well worth the cost compared to paying retail for one straight out. I find the new Zebra wood Benz an awesome piece in the Benz lineup.
The 'LP S class' may be confusing for the rest of the Benz
'S class'. There is even visual difference between the LP
and the LP S not to mention the weight. But my Ruby 3S looks the same as Ruby 3. According to some the 'S' refers to a shorter cantilever while my quess is that 'S' refers
to the Gyger S stylus. Ie the earlier Ruby may have line contact
stylus which is a 'different animal'. However a quess is not an answer. Anybody who knows better or for sure?

Thanks guys for your input! i am not at the level of the LP S yet. but your comments are much appreciated. i am now swaying towards the wood S.