Old B&O vs. new Rega P1

I have an old B&O RX turntable with the MMC3 cartridge. I'm thinking of upgrading. Would the new Rega P1 be much of an upgrade?
I believe so. With the B&O, you're limited to cartridge selection. The tonearm looks flimsy and the platter is very light suspeded on springs. The Rega is a more sturdy turntable with a much better arm. You can play around with different cartridges.

Please listen to them if you have a chance and compare them.
nope...keep the b&o.....down the road take a leap,but your not missing anything compared to the 2k and under contendors
It's been a long time, but I worked at a store that carried B&O, and I remember their 'tables as being pretty clean-sounding but a bit on the light side where slam and bass weight were concerned.

I certainly feel that I get a lot more performance out of my SL1210, particularly where weight and slam are concerned, as well as a rightness to the midrange and a great sense of immediacy. I think you'd also get a noticeable improvement with a Goldring GR1.2.

08-16-07: Jaybo
nope...keep the b&o.....down the road take a leap,but your not missing anything compared to the 2k and under contendors
I find it hard to believe that a sub $2K Funk Firm, Rega P5, or VPI Scout wouldn't leave a B&O RX totally in the dust in every conceivable parameter.
The B&O is a fine table. I had one a while ago. It sounded light weight as what Johnnyb53 said.

The Rega is however a very good stepping stone to get into higher priced turntables. One can use this opportunity to learn about setting up your own turntable and learning what the various settings on the tonearm affect the sound. You will also not be limited to just 1 cartridge. This alone will open up new avenues for experimentation.

Once you've outgrown the Rega, you will be ready for you next "big" purchase.
The B&O is a nice 'table especially if you do not compare it to other 'tables. I'm not missing anything not going to Hawaii but since I've never been, how would I know?
dust off the b&o....put the best cartridge it will take in the arm....just enjoy the music. there is little to be gained from dropping 2k, except missing out on 2k's worth of vinyl goodies. as for the funk and others in the range....if you're determined to go a baby step forward, get a technics, or a denon.
It's hard to fit cartridges on the B&O. It only take their own cartridges.

Yes, I agree. A technics or Denon will be much better than the Regas.
Thanks for the responses. Johnnyb53, your description of the B&O is fairly accurate. The main problem I have with the B&O is being limited to their cartridges which aren't made anymore. There is a shop called the Soundsmith which makes replicas but they're very expensive. I really appreciate the advice given so far.
As some have mentioned, the B&Os are limited to using their own cartridges. However, keep in mind that the tonearm was specifically designed for those cartridges. The tonearms are NOT flimsy, they are, however, exceptionally lightweight. This, combined with the incredibly low effective tip mass of the B&O carts makes for a very good tracking turntable.

Your best bet would be to find a good condition MMC2 or MMC1 cart for that table. Or, step up to a B&O tangential tracking turntable with an MMC2 or MMC1. I currently have a B&O 9000 with both MMC1 and MMC2 and I can tell you, without a doubt, that it is a very fine combo.

Yes.Rega and nice $300 cart will lead you unto path of Hell.Be forewarned!!!!!Abandon all hope.Might as well sell you car now and get hat $10K deck with three arms and $7K tube be phono stage and save yourself the in between models.Hope yours is strong marriage as well.No seriosly if you can find shop with Rega AND VPI check out he Scout.New or used it's a killer diller though you may not be enough into it/have enough Lp's etc to wan to go hat out.But I had the B&O RX in HS and 15 years latter got NAD (Rega cheapie) and went down the road.Another cheaper deck maybe in between are some of the Music Hall models.Call Bes Nivera who has wide selection at Music Direct and tell him Chazz said he's "treat you right".His catalogue has Rega,VPI and Music Hall and others so if you can wait order catalogue
Here's another thought:

Get a Technics SL1210 Mk2 from Musicians Friend for a mere $399.99. It has a lot going for it--build quality, speed accuracy, low noise, close tolerances, durability, and slick controls and ergonomics. You will get an increase in transients, bass, and slam. You will no longer be limited in available range of cartridges. In fact, with the TT's included second counterweight and headshell weight, you have a decent range of cartridge weights and compliances that will work.

A removable headshell is nice for learning to mount cartridges and keeping it from being too frustrating. Upgrade to a nice $40 Sumiko headshell.

If you decide to upgrade, you can get an outboard power supply, threaded clamp and spindle, fancy footers, strobe light disable, tonearm rewire, and tonearm fluid damper from KABUSA.com. The fluid damper further improves the range of compatible tonearm/cartridge combinations.

If that's not enough, you can get a Rega-adaptor armboard and tonearm from Origin Live. Origin offers compatible tonearms from $240 to $everal thousand. In other words, you can buy the Technics and modify it to have an RB250 arm for about the same price as a Rega P3.

If you leave it stock and decide to sell, you can probably get within $100 of what you paid for it.
I'm a Rega dealer and I don't consider the P1 to be anything other than a cheap way to get in the door. It may compete well with other entry level (meaning nothing cheaper out there worth considering) tables but you need to stretch a bit higher to get something special. As ususal, you get what you pay for. Except for the cartridge issue, I wouldn't bother "upgrading" to a P1; a P2 perhaps, or better.
To what Piedpiper said I went from that NAD (Rega 1 to P3 before I went to $5500 VPI and thier is big jump from P1 to P3.But under $1K I'd look a Music Hall Line as well.P25 is good for some but I think used Scout will get you there for $1K throw nice Grado ( I worked at shop with Grado being my fave of limited line) say a $500 Sonata new and you might not feel and need for a better table i.e. that'
s sweet spot of most bang for least buck.Plus if you do want to mod i you can get the Scoutmaster double plinth or a havy platter both of which allow ring clamp to be used (stock Scout does not) also arm upgrade.Linn pioneer4d this lose your mind gradually approach and it can be loads of fun.Plus VPI maybe best for those who want more than one cart since you can add an extra arm tube (like some where you can add extra head shell but this takes more time to individually hook up leads).
For me B&O is about three things; looks, sound and convenience in that order. In my studio I have a 9000 and a 8002 tt with mmc 1,2, and a 4 for the not so good lps. If you are interested in casual listening B&O offers great products. At current used prices you are getting innovative technology at a very cheap price. As to comparison I had a Rega P-25 with a modified RB 250 arm which to my mind had a much fuller sound. Choices choices good luck
I owned a B&O 3000 with the tangential arm for more than 20 years. With the MMC3 it put out pretty good sound and I maintain they remain the most stylishly engineered components ever. But then, I like minimalist Swedish furniture, too, so that's just personal taste.

But, after my second $400 repair on the tracking arm and staring at several hundred dollars for new cartridges, I bought a Rega P1 more than a year ago and have been very, very happy.

I sprung for the glass platter upgrade and the sound out of the Rega is easily equal and I think better. Great clarity and range. Now, I am not somebody in a position to plunk down $5K for a turntable. Someday I may spring for a Rega P3 or something similar but for the casual audiophile, this is a great bang for the buck table. About $400, simple to set up and fine sound.

Also, the upside is that I sold a couple of used B&O cartridges on ebay and they just about paid for the new Rega.
I own B&O Beogram 8000. With the original B&O cartridge the performance is ho-hum. It sounds smooth and rich, but seriously lacks detail and high frequency sparkle. I've then replaced B&O MMC 20CL with Sound Smith SMMC 20CL, and the difference is amazing. The performance with Sound Smith cartridge is very close to the Rega setup that I loaned from my friend. Rega with good MC cartridge sounds more detailed, but the difference was small, small enough so that I could forgo in favor of the convenience of automatic operation with B&O table.
I have the Beogram 4002 with the original MMC 4000 cart. The drive for the tangential arm failed. It is absolutely the coolest looking vintage TT, but I don't know whether to spend around $400 to get it repaired. It is in very good cosmetic condition. Any opinions?

Currently using a nice old Dual through a Proton PreAmp and a Nakamichi reciever.
Craig, try the forum at beoworld.org. There are a couple of resident experts with extensive part bin. You could also send the unit over for repair if you wish. It probably won't cost $400 to repair, but you will need to be handy, or find someone who is.
I found more detail was possible with my B&O 8000 by defeating the suspension system. My flooring in my condo is very stable so the suspension was not necessary to control vibrations.
It's hard to fit cartridges on the B&O. It only take their own cartridges
Look here: B&O Turntable/Cartridge Lookup Chart

Personally, the B&O TTs were never quite my cup of tea, but they were reasonably well-made and good sounding decks. Some had quite advanced features, even by today's standards, and they are quite a bargain. I have heard a couple of Beogram 8xxx units and they sounded pretty good; certainly better than the P-1 or any other new sub-$600 entry-level deck I can think of.
A Tecnics 1200..or any of it's varients,are not the equal of say an Denon 60L..Now my B&O RX is a supurb table, with it's mmc2 will blow the doors off many so called belt drive's IE..Music hall rubish...But All that means little..buy A table you can afford, and enjoy vinyl...Just ENJOY!
Save your money unless the cartridge is shot...the REga is nothing more than MDF and a rubber band....the platter is even MDF...I would opt for new Technics 1210 myself as others have suggested....far better performance...U used to own a Project expression for reference....