old Audioquest cables review

I am offered a couple of old Audioquest interconnect at very cheap

prices. Could someone comment on the performance of the following cables?

1. Midnight speaker cable

2. Midnight + speaker cable

3. Midnight 3

4. Indigo blue

5. Indigo

What's the difference between no. 1, 2, and 3? Their name's so similar!

I am after a pair of neutral, natural sounding speaker cables without emphasizing on any particular sound range.

My gears:

Kenwood CDP
Transcendent Sound Grounded Grid valve Preamp
Aragon 4004 MKII power amp
KEF C30 speakers

Although I'm a fan of older Audioquest cables in general, I'd stay away from the Midnite series. Not sure which version I had but on my set the insulation inside the cable had deteriorated to the point where the conductors were exposed. This is potentially dangerous for the amp. I believe I read this was a common occurrence with the Midnite.

No experience with the Indigo. I will say my favorite Audioquest speaker cable is the Crystal. These also come in various versions and I have owned a few of them. They can go for pretty reasonable prices on ebay if sellers expectations aren't too high.
I used Indigo Blue for 10 years with Vandersteen 2ce speakers and a Classe' Fifteen amp. Sonic bliss.
I would be very cautious about buying older Audioquest cables, as Audioquest themselves are aware that there is a lot of counterfeit AQ product out there on the streets.

You'd probably be better off buying some current offerings from a company like Signal, Morrow, etc.
I had a set of Midnight cables for many years. Bought them from an AQ dealer so I know they were the real deal. I thought they were excellent. Can't comment on long term integrity, but when they worked, they were to my liking.
I've been running an 8' pair of Midnight bi-wires for 15.5 years. Have nothing to compare them to. I'm sure there's better, but I've got my money out of them. They cost $470 in 1998.

There are a four of the eight bi-wire ends have cracked insulation where they possibly were bent sharply at one time. I doubt the main cable jacket wires have that problem since it doesn't flex as easily.

I wouldn't worry about counterfeit Midnights. I'm pretty sure their manufacturing was well over before that started.

Relax, have a Sprecher Commando and listen to some Violent Femmes...
I used to own a lot of classic Audioquest cables. The version number 1, 2, 3 etc are different in number of wires inside The higher the #, the more material it uses. In some cases, it may also introduce the use of silver.

Note that sometimes a lower version # of a model may not contain silver, but the higher one of the same model may. So don't assume a higher model always contain silver.

The classic AQ cables are more balanced and full sounding, but the jacket/insulation material does not age well like others have mentioned. The more recent AQ lines are more multi-channel centric. Much better jacket/connectors, but there is considerable gap in price vs performance factor. There are numerous better alternatives at the asking price.

IMHO I like the classic AQ better.

Hope this helps.