Old audiophile with new digital hearing aids

I have read the recent excellent thread on hearing aids, and have been wearing a pair of Resound Forzas for about five weeks. The good: I am able to decipher consonants and hear people ( and the TV ) better. The bad news is my 60 plus years as an audiophile seems over with these digital aids...is there a brand of analog aids that would be best just for listening to my system,?
General Hearing's digitK units. Most of the engineering on those were done by Mead Killion, also known for the ER earphones. Mead's been done hi end circuits for hearing aids for over twenty years. He is still the best. I've been using these units for about five years and have found they are great when one of the programs is set up for music. Before that I had many analog units. Rush the Forzas back while you are still able to get a full refund. I've been using hearing aids for over sixty five years, so I have some experience. The best is yet to come. PM me if you need more information. A lot of audiologists do not want to deal with General so you may need to search for one that does.
My audiologist obtained a pair of General Hearing hearing aids at my request. We tried to obtain the "Musician's" model. The unit sent to us may or may not be that model -- the manual does not identify the model, and I've not been able to find anything that I recognize as containing model information or particular information about use in listening to music. In any case, the audiologist could not adjust the unit sent because of a computer program incompatibility. The audiologist has new computers with new software, and the General Hearing units we received do not respond to the software. I have been given to understand that General Hearing is aware of the problem and is working on it. In the meantime I've listened to to the GH unit without fine tuning. It does amplify the sound, but all four programs sound the same to me. I have also tried out a Widex Dream model, which was programmed and tailored to my audiogram using the software the audiologist has available. When I listen to my two channel audio system the Widex sounds much better than the General Hearing model -- greater separation of instruments, greater clarity, much better bass. The relatively new Widex Dream model has greater headroom than previous Widex models, and its four programs -- one of which is "music" -- each sound a bit different for different applications. Unfortunately, it is more expensive than the General Hearing "Musician's" model, but in addition to sounding better than the uncustomized GH pair that I have, it has some attractive features (such as a remote control device for altering volume and changing programs). I plan to buy the Widex units tomorrow.
Thanks for both of your inputs on this subject, much appreciated!
Yes the new digital hearing aids are better as compared to the analog ones. These are developed to help us here even in the noisiest place like restaurant.