old acurus integrated vs. separates vs. new nad

Help! I'm trying to put together a good 2 channel music/audio-video set up. I've got 600 dollars before shipping for amplification and need some advise. I'm driving monsoon audio fpf-1000's which are floorstanders presenting a 4 ohm load at 88db, so I figured I'd need some hefty amplification. the options so far are the acurus dia-150 or a combo of the acurus r11 and a200 or a250 or a final option of a nad c370 posibly refurbished. The monsoon's have a ribon tweeter and midrange. Can anyone help me since I haven't been able to hear any of these amplifiers. I really don't like bright if that would influence any recomendations. Thanks for your help.

From the options you've listed, it looks like you are spreading $600 across amplification AND preamplification.

In that case, going with seperates would make for a fairly tight budget, but do-able. I simply don't see many integrateds with much power out there - you probably noticed the same seeing as you located the DIA-150, which has about the most power I've seen in an integrated since it uses a passive pre and leaves lots more room for the amplifier section.

If you don't like bright, I would not honestly recommend the Acurus amplifiers. The RL11 preamp is nice though. I've owned the A250 and A100x3 and both were horribly bright and forward. The RL11 I still own and have no such complaints.

Some other options you might consider for inexpensive, higher-power SS amps:

Forte 200w 6a (200w)
B&K ST202 (150w)
Hafler D500 (225w)
Adcom (many models)
Bryston 3b or 4b
Sometimes an older Belles or Perraux amp pops up

Good luck,
Mike is right on here. The Acurus amps are also too bright for me (I auditioned the RL-11 with an A-80 alongside some other choices). Even though I tend to like a "detailed" (i.e., bright) presentation.

The NAD C370 is the opposite extreme. Dark and muddy, I couldn't stand it, though others here are fond of these units (they hear "romantic" where I hear murky).

I agree that if you can swing it, go with separate amp and preamp.

Mike's suggestions are good, though some of them may be out of your price range. I would add the Rotel equipment to his suggestions. My second system has an RB-981 for an amp, 135WPC, you should be able to get it for $200 here if you keep your eyes peeled.

I suggest spending more on the pre-amp than the amp. I used to have a Classe CP-35 paired with the RB-981, which is sold here for around $500 regularly if you can stretch your budget a bit. Very nice sound for the money. If that is too pricey, you could stick with a rotel pre-amp and have money left over for CDs. Or try pairing the RL-11 with the Rotel amp.
p.s. I have also listened to the RL-11 through the RB-981, and it sounded much better than a top-end Rotel pre-amp. I would definitely go the used route if possible, you will get much better sound. The Classe has some nice features (more full-featured remote, for one) and sound, but you can probably get the RL-11 cheaper, and it will sound great also.
I have seen some fantastic deals on Forte amps and preamps, you could have put together something great for about 5-6 hundred. Best deals got snapped up quickly. Otherwise, I would second the Rotel power with some other preamp suggestion. The NAD int amps I have heard lately have been a little "dark and muddy", I would try a Rotel int. instead.