OL motor upgrade and Rega

Looking for any experience with Origin Live's DC motor and Rega turntables. I have a Planar 3 with OL-modded RB250 arm and Dynavector 10x4 MkII cartridge, sitting on Neuance shelf and Sound Organization welded rack. I have read through Audio Asylum and am just seeing if there is any addt'l info to be had here from folks who might not post there. Thanks!
I've never used an OL DC motor kit. But I have used other OL products, and they are very good value and performance. I can also say that I have used AC synchronous motor TT's, and DC motor TT's. The DC motor, IMO is a significant improvement in performance. Especially with battery power. I would have every reason to expect that the OL DC motor upgrade would be a very good improvement to your Rega 3.

Next, is value for money spent. You have to consider if the final result is worth the significant investment in the DC upgrade. The upgrade is not cheap. You should look at other TT's you could purchase for the combined price of your table plus the upgrades, to see if you can do better that way. Ultimately the bearing is the key to your TT performance, and motor upgrades, while nice, will not take you as high as bearing/platter upgrades.

My general opinion is that you should not make motor upgrades until you are satisfied that you cannot improve any further in the bearing/platter/base department. Then, and only then, are you going to reap the full benefits of your improved motor system.
TWL, that is a very welcome post. As you may remember, I just bought a used VPI 19 MK2, and was wondering myself which future TT upgrade would make the most sonic difference.
twl, thanks for offering your useful rule of thumb concerning TT upgrading. I am in no hurry and will be weighing the costs and benefits of buying a replacement TT vs. upgrading the motor. While I don't consider myself much of a hobbyist, I must say that continuing to incrementally upgrade the Rega has its appeal in terms of educating myself about turntable performance, long-term cost-effectiveness aside. Cheers, Jayson