Oklahoma eBay seller "mediaworks-okc" Bryston DAC

I was just checking eBay for any used Bryston BDA-2 dacs & found a service for $649 by media works-okc for the BDA1 & BDA2 that is supposed to take these units up several notches higher with all kinds of claimed sonic improvements. I thought my BDA1 was pretty decent already. Has anyone heard of or used this company?
The details about which specific parts are upgraded is a bit sketchy but they did have a photo showing a bunch of what are presumed upgrade parts. They do say that the work will DEFINITELY void your warranty.
Nuff said!
LOTS of shady characters on the GON over my 13 years!
Some excellent techs too but you will never receive a nickel if you sell it for the work done! Add the voided warranty and it just does not make financial sense!
Good luck,
If you go with it, it will no longer be a true Bryston product, because it will no longer sound like how Bryston intended it to sound. Only let your product's company do mods and upgrades, so it will remain true to the company... unless you don't care about that sort of thing... IMO.
Every component is built to a price point and that frequently requires compromises.
So improvements can frequently be made simply by substituting with higher quality parts. This is the simplest modding method. The trick is finding out which replacements improve performance most while being most cost effective.

Another method re-designs areas of the original design (and replaces original parts with higher quality). This can be very successful in extracting additional performance but should only be attempted by highly knowledgeable and skilled technicians.

There are folks doing excellent modifications out there and over the years I've had some units modified so obviously I'm not dead set against it. But it is best to obtain as much information as possible before going forward. The eBay thing alone makes me somewhat hesitant. Do they advertise their services in any audio publications or on any audio net sites?

Just a few things to think about:
1. How long do you plan on owning the component?
2. Could the money be better spent up-grading?
3. What is their reputation?
4. How long have they been around?
5. What is their background?
6. What exactly will the mods entail?
7. Can you listen to a modded unit?
8. Can you speak with people who have had the mod?
9. Is there a guarantee or warranty on their work?
10. How will the mods affect original manufacturer warranty?
11. How will the mods affect resale value?
Call Bryston about them. If they are for real, Bryston may agree they do good work (even if the warranty is voided). If Bryston waves you off, be cautious.