Okki Nokki RCM-5 vs VPI 16.5

What record cleaning machine is the most effective and most reliable?
VPI 16.5. Here is one of several threads on Audiogon about the same topic. Do a search to find others.

I am on the same search as you. Till now, on reading many articles I have learnt that Okki Nokki cleans more effectively and VPI has a proven track record for being very reliable.

fyi, I get all my records professionally cleaned and the guys who do it for me use Okki Nokki. The result is just outstanding.
Okki Nokki is that like sushi Dude.VPI much better made,operation and makes lp sound wonderful with the right fluid.
Easy availability of parts from VPI is a nice advantage. I got a 16.5 with a bum turntable motor and VPI was great to work with on solving my problem. Any part you would need is easy to order from their website
I echo the comments already made. American made, direct availability of parts without going thru an importer. If the importer somehow loses the relationship with Okki Nokki, parts could become very difficult to obtain. VPI has great customer service and the 16.5 has great track record in it's price range.
I have a Okki Nokki and it is a good working cleaning maschine. But the vaccum should be more powerfull. I offen have to dry some of the cleaningfluid off.

So i have considred to change to VIP, because it should have a more powerfull vaccum. But i dont know?
I looked into this at a prior date, but couldn't justify the cost of an RCM given my modest vinyl collection. However, I was definitely impressed with the Okki Nokki, and would likely have purchased it over the VPI 16.5.

Briefly, the Okki Nokki rotates in both directions, is MUCH quieter, looks a bit nicer, and was moderately cheaper (at the time). Both are great machines, so it depends on how much you value the features just mentioned. Personally, I would choose the Okki Nokki based on the duel rotation and lower operating noise alone.
Okki Nokki is the best -- hands down. I've used one for two years. What impressed me is that the OKKI NOKKI's arm is made of METAL. The VPI 16.5 is made of PLASTIC. The VPI's arm has a history of breaking if you press down on it too hard OR at an angle. There is a wonderful you tube video comparing both machines -- the OKKI NOKKI is clearly the better product.
Why would you press down on the VPI's arm? The machine's vacuum draws the arm down/does all the work. I suppose if one were a real klutz.........
The 90 degree angle of the VPI 16.5 is where the stress fractures, cracks, and breaks occur. Watch any video of how the VIP works and the potential problem is clear. But more to my point -- why would anyone choose plastic over metal for this critical part? Plastic cracks and breaks. Why take the chance? And given that the two machines cost the same . . . the choice is obvious. . . . unless you are a real dunce.
I know(and stated) how the VPI works. Is there a problem with your comprehension? To quote YOUR post, "The VPI's arm
has a history of breaking if you press down on it too hard OR at an angle." Maybe you didn't understand my question.
WHY would anyone PRESS DOWN on the VPI's arm? I strongly
prefer NOT to have ANY metal anywhere near my vinyls,
especially while they are being handled(why take any
chances?). I bought an HW-16 in the 80's and used it
successfully for a couple decades(now own the 16.5) There
must be a lot of, "dunces" in the World, given that
the 16.5 is so vastly popular, and the VPI machines have been in production for over 30 years.
Never tried the Okki Nokki RCM-5.........simpy because I bought the HW-16 in the early 90s and, after two decades, its STILL in perfect working order.

I use the Walker Audio Prelude (4 steps) Record Cleaning System with the HW-16 and I've only changed the vacuum tube strips twice with Disc Doctor replacement strips.

Nothing broken in 20+ years and still working like a champ!
As I've stated this before on here, I have probably the oldest VPI HW-16.5 serial number 15.

It started as a HW-16, then when VPI offered the .5 upgrade kit, I installed it. My unit is well over 30 years old and has cleaned tens of thousands of records.

I have NEVER had any problems with it. It's never leaked or had a burned out motor or had a broken tube.

The way I understand the broken or cracked tube problem is that owners are leaving the arm tube over the platter when they are done and the weight of the lid is causing the issue. All you have to do is swing the arm tube out of the way and bingo problem solved. I always swing the tube over and leave it facing the back of the unit. My lid still hits it, but all it does is push down on the spring a little bit. Since there is open space below the tube, it doesn't cause any problem. Not sure why anyone would leave the tube out over the platter when not is use?

I was also a VPI dealer for many, many years and sold hundreds of these units and never had any complaints. Pretty good recommendation if you ask me...
Hardly ever clean my records with my machine.....a brush before playing and I'm off.
Then you have no idea how much better your lps will sound when cleaned with a vacuum machine, not to mention the fact that your cart will last much longer!
"Hardly ever clean my records with my machine.....a
brush before playing and I'm off."

Stringreen has done an ad for this. It's on page 29 of the
new Audio Advisor catalog.

Page 29[/url]

(Stan...I'm just poking fun at you dude...sorry!) ;-)
I vote for the VPI using my methods: