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After two years of "doing vinyl" and a recent upgrade of my cart (Maestro V2), I finally moved from my Spin Clean to this wonderful RCM.  I am using Audio Intelligent 3 step cleaning solutions.  There is no question this has made a sonic difference - particularly with new records ( I assume the process is doing a better job of removing the mold release stuff).  My local shop had a great special with the RCM, dustcover,  AI 3 step, AI 1 step, AI #15 archival cleaner all for $600.  Nice to support the local shop vs online as well.

My record collection has grown to over 1000 albums, so cleaning them all will take some time - but WOW! - the results are worth it.  Strongly recommended.
I only use the Spin Clean. So the RCM is an improvement mostly on new records? I don't buy new very often. Is it a worthwhile improvement on used records?

Have not done a used record yet, but will this weekend and let you know.  I have re-cleaned a couple of new records that I previously cleaned with the Spin Clean and it did improve these.
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