Okay, now I think I've seen it all...

I think they are cool...no big deal certainly
Thank God I own towers.
Kemp, don't worry about it. They'll be coming out with the "big block" motorized version so that you can put your towers on these stands. Isn't that "neat-o" : ) Sean
hmmm, nothing said about remote there...
P. T. Barnum was right!
Hee, Hee. They're getting closer to my idea of having motorized, omnidirectional, remote control casters as feet on speakers platforms for those heavy and unwieldly tower speakers. Then, a person could ease back into the listening chair and position the speakers "just right" with the touch-o-the-thumb.
Now that I've seen what's possible, I want them to build Kemp's towers with telescoping cabinets so that the speakers can be folded donw like an old fashioned top hat. Imagine the WAF of a speaker she didn't have to look at when I wasn't listening. :-)
Um, from reading the ad, these appear to target the professional recording industry. I agree it's silly for home audio, but there may well be a benefit (or even a need) for these in studios, control rooms, etc.
Haven't they got the wrong idea, here? Raising the speaker to a different height might affect the sound quality of the monitor by exposing the drivers to an increased atmospheric pressure, thereby altering the waveform and dispersion characteristics of the speaker. Shouldn't the speakers remain stationary while four of these used under your listening chair elevate your ears to the proper listening position?
Probably not a great idea to keep moving the speaker wire and stressing connections.

What about a large plant that swivels in front of the speakers during rest and then rotates back behind each speaker during play. That could improve WAF. Probably out there already... if not, what's the number of the patent office?
I saw a picture of some actress's system. A door opened, and stacked Quads were dropped out of the hatch from the ceiling.

Wonder what she was like in the sack?
Well I really wouldn't mind having a remote controlled positioner for my speakers... It would help focus stuff on the fly. Does this even exist?