Okay, let vote for the best 2 channels A

Any idea? Krell, Plinius, Levinson, Simaudio, Conrad johnson, etc .....
McCormack DNA-2DX.
I'm not sure what you're asking, specifically, but I say Krell makes the best amplifiers. Some people like to knock them, but those people can't hear squat! If you like "additive" colorations, then you'll want a lesser amp. The guys who think Krells are bright either have a bright system/room already, and blame the amp...Or, they just don't feel like looking for the right AC cord and cabling. I once heard a big VTL tube amp with Sound Labs, and it sounded more analytical, etched, bright, less accurate, and more like "solid state" than my Krell with Dynaudio or Maggie speakers. The cabling had a little to do with it...
Spectron Digital 1 or Musician. This is a class D amp that is blowing away the competition at any price level. Modern technology at it's best.Makes any speaker sound wonderfull.Frank.
The best amp for the money is the Aragon 8008BB!!!!