Okay Ladies

Thought this would get your attention. Just wondering is there any women in this hobby. Now it doesn't count if its your husbands system, but if you are just as obsessive as he is w/it, than it does count. There's women in cars, skydiving and everything else, so I figured there must be some Ladies in this hobby(hobbies do not choose sex). So if there are any of you(Ladies) out there tell us about your equip., how long you've been in it, how you got in it, and anything else you like.
Darn, my "drag queen" impersonation won't work at this site.
Hi. My name is Sabrina, I am 26 and have always loved music. I have worked as a runway and catalogue model for a few years but have found it difficult to find work as an actress so I am now back in school getting my JD/MBA after which I plan to start a foundation devoted to rescuing orphans in the former Soviet Union. I have a Sony SACD player, a Goldmund Reference turntable, Mark Levinson 30/31, Audio Research Reference pre amp and 600 monoblocks and Wilson X-1s, as well as a separate system for video -- Vidikron CRT projector, Krell home theatre components and 5 Magneplanar 3.6s. (Had to special order the single speaker for center channel and the dipoles work especially well for the rear surrounds.) My ex boyfriend was a dot com guy and he gave me this for my 25th birthday before his stock crashed, but we broke up. Now it is fun to stay home, get bombed and dance around in my underwear. I would love to date an audiophile.
I think I'm going to take a cold shower now.
Jeez,I've been out done.......Again./ nice post S ballard. I think your Wilsons should go with my Jadis,quite nicely...What'cha think? So /do you really think your up for the torture of dating an audioplile? All that criticism; The tweeking my be fun tho. My phone # is : 976-i'm12 $4.00 for the 1st minute. All major cards accepted . must be over 18 or under 90. Don't be shy now. I'll expect your response directly.
And a top ten system to boot, ya
So where is Elizabeth's input?
Jeez, didn't you guys who gave me the minuses, see the post was a humorus ruse to begin with? Whatisitwitcha? No humor allowed?
Nice Sabrina. I think you just fried a couple of amps. Nice system and w/your last 2 sentences, I will keep my last statement respectable. With equipement like that you shouldn't have a problem finding a dance partner.

Good point Sugarbrie, where is Elizabeth.
Yes, there are a few serious female audiophiles out here.
I don't know if I would call it a hobby...just yet. I'm 34, and about 3 months ago decided I could finally afford to purchase my first *real* audio/video system. Up to this time, I've lived with low end junk. I must admit for someone new to this, it is rather intimidating to say the least. Members have been very helpful from audiogon and audio asylum in answering many of my questions.

I've spent this time auditioning equipment, reviewing information from Audiogon, and other websites, and basically becoming familiar with what was involved. Everyone I know thinks I'm obsessed...I have finally selected all of the components and because its my first system I have actually yet to hear it, as I'm awaiting the arrival of a few pieces this week.

After much anxiety over selections, I decided on Sonus Faber Grand Piano home speakers, SF center, and SF wall for rears, Rel Stadium III sub (the dealer that I worked with recommended this over the StrataIII due to the size of my living room), and the Cal audio labs 2500 series, preamp/pro, 2500 MCA, VSW, and CD/DVD player. Cable and interconnects are Nordost Blue Heaven (still awaiting their arrival). Everything I purchased except the sub, cables, and interconnects was through Audiogon dealers, at a substantial reduction over retail.

Before making my speaker selection, I listened to B&W Nautilus line, Dynaudio Countour, Vienna Accoustics, Revel, and Aerial Accoustics. Close second was Aerial Accoustics, third choice was Vienna.

The most challenging part was trying to audition the other components, as stores didn't carry all lines for comparisons. I listened to Proceed AVP w/Revel speakers and was underwhelmed, B&W speakers with Marantz, McIntosh, and B&K equipment, Dynaudio Speakers with Simaudio W-5, and Anthem pre, and Sonus Faber speakers with Krell, Classe, and Theta Casablanca. I was unable to hear them with the CAL equipment, but opted to buy CAL based on the reviews, and after many email exchanges with members from Audiogon and audio asylum offline, on CAL performance in 2 channel. I learned from a former CAL employee that much of the voicing on the CAL MCA was done using Sonus Faber speakers as the lead design engineer owned them.

Because I live in the very expensive Silicon Valley, I have only my living room space to adequately house both audio and video. Hopefully I will not be disappointed with 2 channel sound when the system arrives. I also bought the Pioneer Elite 710HD RPTV, and a Tosiba W808 VCR.

I was also very surprised that so few women were visible during this process, both at the audio stores and audio websites. I suspect there are probably more women like me, who are reading the posts, but not posting.
Nice to see another woman getting into hi fi....I've been an audiophile for almost 20 years now and just started reviewing for The Absolute Sound. Hang in there.....I think there may be hope for us :)
Nice to hear from you Yasmine. Sounds all good hope it works for ya. Okay Suzy stop hiding on the side lines. Tell us about ya and your equip, etc...
I'm not on the sidelines anymore. My first review was in the last issue of TAS (Sue Kraft)

I've had a whole *#@*load of gear over the last 20 years -- my current system is Dunlavy SC-IV's, Plinius SA-100MKIII, BAT 30SE, Sony SCD-1 and Harmonic Technology cables. And I'm always looking to buy more.....right now I've got a tube amp fixation....I've got it bad :)
Good one Avguygeorge! Made me laugh out loud !

I see a few women here and there with $1000-2000 systems. They tend to have less maniacal, more practical, decor-friendly systems. I even know a lady who built her own home surround sound theater ! They're out there...
Well Suzy, looks like ya like the rest of us and always want more, more, more. How ya like the Bat 30se? I've tried the Bat 50se and did not like it, but I did like the Bat 3i. Prefer the new bat stuff do to new user options, so I may go with a Bat 30, to match w/my vk200. By the way, glad to see you on the field.
I really like the 30SE, but if you didn't care for the 50SE, you might not like the 30SE, either. They are very similar (I had a 50SE for about a year and a half.) I also had a VK 500 amp for a couple of years prior to the Plinius.
I'm one of those who believe " considerations" for gender/ age/or whatever /are inappropriate here.As in a good system for a ---? I understand this hobby is dominated by men /but it's not like the women in sports or buisness thing.You can buy whatever you want. No dealer says: Sorry no Spectral for---.I know no dealer who would refuse your $$$."Chez- Chez La Fem" seems to be the order here.Degrees of knowledge in this hobby are earned.However, much of someone's knowledge has an opinion attached to it. Opinions, advice, or recomendations taken,should be taken and tempered with your "value-system".We don't all hear the same,nor do we value the same sonics.The world is, what it is. Women timid about posting might use a generic user name; That way we can shoot it down,or praise it on content alone.
Well to that Avguy, I say. I don't know what to say. Hell don't be timid Ladies. I've gone into av stores and talk to guys who been in the business forever and I have listened to the equip they say is great. One of the AV guys in the store said he just bought a pair of Avantgrad, the same setup he had in the store. This guy is about 50 and has been doing this his whole life. My point is that I think the Avanteguad really suck. No offense, but very disappointing to me. Well my other point is its like avguy says its all about what ya like. So don't be shy ladies, you can come out and play. Some of us do play okay in the sandbox.
Sabrina: My wife, who was a model in the 70's and also lived in London (have you ever been there?) thoroughly enjoyed reading your post and it did bring back some fond memories. She is not an audiophile but I do suspect that you both may have a lot in commom. There is one thing though, that she is curious about but too embarrassed to ask so I will ask for her. "Which way do you wear it when you are dancing around in your underwear?"
One thing I do notice about female audiophiles is the lack of antagonism regarding equipment. There doesn't seem to be the "your stuff sucks because I say so, and mine is bigger and better" attitude that the rest of us have from time to time (yes, myself included). Nice...
Suzy, you and I have very similiar taste. I have the IVa's with the SCD-1. I owned the Plinius SA-100MKIII prior to a small fire, inside the amp! NOT THE AMPS FAULT, so please nobody jump down my back. I use an Aloia amp now, very similiar in sound. My question is regarding pre-amps. I presently own a Kora pre and have been concerned about some problems Kora may be having. I love the pre-amp, but again find the concern has got me looking around. O.K. I'll get to the question already, just calm down! Did you try other pre-amps, if so what, and why did you choose this one. Given you knowledge are there others you would concider if you were to replace this one.
Am I still on topic with "Okay Ladies"? Is it O.K. that I'm not stumbling around Sabrina, or should I take this to a private e-mail? Negitive vote = take it off forum, possitive it's O.K. to treat women like human souls. Thank-you for your reply Suzy. J.D.
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Quit playing favorites, Elizabeth! How about me?
Yeah that sounds nice but generally I'm a bit too old for most of you pups.
Liz, I am young and good looking (They tell me!) They still card me every time I buy booz at grocery store!
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