Okay, I have a decision to make, please help.

Thanks to all who have given their input on my previous posts as I am in the process of looking for a CD Player. After reading and researching everything in my price range (just bought a new house and am renovating, new pictures of my listening room will be posted soon, and yes I am almost broke) I have narrowed my decision down to 3 players. Please let me know what you think!

My System: Cary SLI-80 Sig with NOS Setup, Sonus Faber Concertos, using ALL Audience AU24 and PowerChords. Redbook is most important to me and I mainly listen to Rock. My system is already on the smooth side of things but that is how I like it.

Naim CD5i
Cary 308
Marantz 8260


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I've heard the Marantz and the Naim. Wouldn't touch the Marantz with a ten-foot pole. The Naim was probably the best CDP I heard under 2k.
Hey Chris,
Nice system. I'll start with the obvious, if you have a chance to audition any of these players in your system, do it! Only you can really know what will satisfy. Having said that I think the Cary would be a solid choice, I lived with a 303 for a while and found it to be an excellent player, reliable, neutral, and musical. I'm sure the 308 is cut from the same cloth. That being said I find the Naim to be really intriguing, I've never listened to Naim gear but I have to respect a brand that inspires that kind of loyalty in people. I also think if the Naim is as rythmic a player as everyone seems to think it might be a good choice for rock and liven up an already smooth system. I have no opinion on the Marantz except to say that universal players leave me a bit suspicious, I mean it's hard enough to get one thing right much less two or three. There you go, hope that doesn't confuse, best of luck, and remember, listen, listen, listen!
Hi Chris,

I previously owned the Cary 308 and think it is a good player. I sold it to another A-gon'r that has a Cary SLI-80 Sig. If you are interested, I could possibly get his e-mail address for you so you could enquire about the combination of the Cary pieces.

I now have a Quad 99 CD-P which I like a little better than the Cary. It is about the same price, new and used. The Quad is another great choice!


Hello Chris,
I have the Cary CD-308 (solid state) and love it. My system is nowhere near as advanced as yours so as happy as I am with the cary you should be in heaven.
Thank you all for your suggestions and input! I purchased a Cary 308. I should be posting pictures of my new listening room and setup with the Cary in the next couple of weeks in Virtual Systems. Again, thanks for the advice.


Congratulations! Enjoy your player and post those pics soon so we can check it out! Happy listening!!
I would buy a used Cary 303 player. I listened to the Rega, Linn, Naim, Rotel, Meridian and just came back to this player. There is just something about the soundstage, and bass output and smoothness that I like. Just listen and that will be your guide.