OK to use spades in bare wire terminal?

My speakers only accept bare wire. This is a problem for thicker wire. I currently have 10 guage wire and it's pretty jammed in there and the bare wire is really oxidizing. Would it be ok to use speaker cables terminated with spades? It seems like almost all the high end cables are terminated with spades. I'm not debating the merits of each, but am wondering if it would make an ok connection. I tried it out on a spare spade I had lying around and it looks like one side of the spade will fit in and get clamped down by the speaker terminal. It'll definitely make a connection, I'm just wondering if this wouldn't be good for some reason.
It should not make any difference from a electrical perspective.

They make cable terminations called Pins which look like....a pin.
You can put them on your 10 gauge wire and the thinner pin goes in the hole.

Radio Shack has pins, or get them online from a variety of sources such as the links below.


Thanks Sugarbrie, I'll check them out.
The one-side-of-the-spade trick will work just fine. I've had to do it many times over the the years in testing situations.
Not as good as bare wire if the spade is not making good contact over a large surface.If you squash the spade it should be ok.
i did the squash the spade for years, but i must concur, a hi quality flexible pin is made just for what you describe. plus it makes a much cleaner job and unlike the spade connection does not loosen up over time and movement of cable. if you do not have binding posts than you definitely should get the flexible braided pin design. if too much of pin is exposed after insertion, wrap electrical tape around exposed wire to prevent shorting etc.