OK to place amp on top of subwoofer?

I would like to place my classe CA-100 amp on top of my large Velodyne HGS-18 sub to save space. Will the vibrations harm the amp? Also, will the amp pick up unwanted noise from the sub? Thanks!
The vibrations would destroy the music and your amp! Any less-than-perfect solder joints or wire connections in the amp will be effected and lead to early failure. Read the threads here on vibration control, many of us go to great lengths to decouple our gear, this would definitely be a big step in the wrong direction.
No offense to Jeff or his answer, but if a non-mechanical component ( cd player, TT, etc.... ) can't deal with vibration, it is poorly built and under-designed. If you think about all of the "vibration" that any car audio component has to deal with, it will put things into perspective rather quickly. Then think about all of the powered subs that have their amps literally mounted inside and directly attached to the cabinet.

As to whether or not i would recommend it, probably not. One could look at the benefit of "mass loading" the sub cabinet with the weight of the amp. You would also have to take into account that this would change the sound of the sub due to altering the cabinet resonances.

Bottom line: try it and see how it works. Put something ( a sheet of MDF, etc... ) on top of the sub cabinet, try some type of DAMPING footer between it and the amp and go to town with some of your favorite tunes. If you have no bad side effects and it is more convenient for you, leave it alone and enjoy. Otherwise, it's easy enough to reverse with no long term side effects. Sean
Hi folks, Probably everyone of you know that there are speakers with built-in woofer amps AND there are active subs as well(mostly used). And my opinion is straight: If your amp is heavy enough you shouldn't worry at all and place it to even benefit to your sub. Moreover the vibrations for the large signal components have almost no impact since the amplitude is much-much lower than the signals operated.
I think Jeff is right on. A sub would somewhere between "most likely and surely" raise hell with the musical character of the standard amp for sure-- and possibly the sub too. It even makes me shudder to think about it. Steve McCormack and many others have gone to great lengths to reduce, minimize, or eliminate amplifier vibrations.

Yet I understand what Sean is saying too, ie setting a well built amp on a sub probably wouldn't physically damage either one. Still, doing it would make me a nervous wreck, and I'd go to great lengths to find another way.

Just re-read what I said above-- makes me sound like a bleeping authority, but Sean KNOWS that I have a great deal of respect for his technical expertise, and his writings here on the 'Gon. GOOD LUCK. Craig
Craig, i think that we are all basically saying the same things. None of us really likes the idea in theory but it may work out okay in reality. As i stated "would i recommend it, probably not". However, i don't know all of the variables in the situation ( i.e. available space, WAF, etc... ) and that's why i tried to cover both sides of the coin.

Either way, i've learned enough to know that we all see with different eyes, hear with different ears and think with different brains. Obviously, opinions and experiences will vary based on all of those things.

One thing is for sure though, i would NOT use cones between the amp and the platform that i placed on top of the sub if i did try this out. I can only see BAD things happening in that situation... Sean
just curious, do you guys think bearing isolators, such as Aurios would help the situation. gary
I think that with the weight of an amp on them and vibration eminating directly below the bearings, the bearings would effectively couple the vibrations to the amp. I would think that using something that had a high absorption / damping factor would be more effective. Just a guess though with a lot of room for error. Sean
just put a piece of foam under the amp and dont worry about it. i have done it several times. you will not hear any difference in sound and the foam will absorb any vibration. some of these people on here know just a little to much. enjoy
YAUD (yet another useful discussion)! After reading your input, I realized that though my sub crossover/amp is separate from the speaker cabinet, I have had it sitting on top of the speaker with just hard rubber feet. I happened to have two sets of Vibrapods in a drawer, so I put all eight under the amp. Immediate improvement in bass definition (either that or my imagination is getting carried away). Thanks all!
10-4 Sean. Good take Danner, and I agree if it has to be done, using a de-coupling approach would probably be best, ie the Vibrapods. There is a good reason Steve McCormack put 6 large Sorbothane-like feet on his 90 lb. DNA2 amp. Cheers, Craig
Although powered subs contain power amps those amps are only playing bass frequencies so vibration control is much less an issue regarding sound quality than in an amp playing full range. As to the issue of amps vibrating apart it may be an idicator that this is less likely.