OK Stereophiles I Need a CD Player

Can you tell me what the best cd player new or used I can get for under $2000, want to purchase something in the next week or so and have heard alot about the meridian 588, jolida 100a, arcam fmj23! I've never had a player in this class so its unknown territory, I love quick tight bass, smooth clean mids. I run a carver c1000a receiver/amp and atc 20-2 monitors, right now a marantz 7010 dvd/cd player, the atc's are the finest natural sounding speaker I've ever heard and I need a compliment to them, PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
Hi, Cshouse007:
Suggest you check out the AH! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 with 24/192 upsampling and tube output buffer. It's sweet for the money.
Good luck,
The AH! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 is a good suggestion. I think you get it from upscale audio. The Arcam fmj23 is a nice unit, really clean bass, though I thought the mids were thinner than the tubed units mentioned here. The Jolida is also nice, sweet mids, not quite as tight bass. You wouldn't go wrong with any of the three, and all three cost less than $1250 used. I haven't hear the Meridian.
My suggestion? A Marantz SA-14 Version 2 (used around $1200) and send it off to TRL for mods ($550 plus shipping).

I haven't heard anything used under $2K that will touch it. The TRL SA-14 has a deep, wide stage, tight bass, and complete lack of "digititus" (digital harshness). The mod transforms the sound of the player. Think analog sound. Just ask those who own them.

As for myself, I'm waiting on the new SA-11's to hit port, then will send it to Tube Research.
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Spend another $100 or so and get a used Cary 306/200. It's an astounding player and it's going for nothing these days. You won't find anything that'll come close for the price in my opinion. These are too good a deal to pass up. I owned one, bought used at substantially more, and would do so again without question.
I ended up getting the jolida 100a mod 1 and am very pleased, thanks for the feedback! This player really is sweet, the voices are so crisp and real and the soundstage is pretty incredible for a $1300 player, I'm going to be happy with this unit for quite sometime, thanks again everyone.
If you want something under $1000 including shipping (which is expensive because I lack the original box and the machine is heavy), I will sell you my "minty" Sony CDP-XA7ES below blue book. Read the reviews and see what you think.
I have to recommend the Cary 308T. It's a great CDP with tube output, HDCD and switchable upsampling.

Used these go for under $1400 and new are in the just over $2,000 range.

Paul Green