Ok, some of you suggested Magnepan 1.6QR

But which to drive it properly? High current amps seem to be prefered than warm tube amps; true or false?
The Bryston 4B-ST is a universally loved Magnepan amp. This subject is discussed extensively at the Magnepan Users Group ( also known as the Planer Speaker Forum at Audioasylum.com )
I have a Sonogy Black Knight amp (SS, 175Wpc) that works great driving a set of Maggie 1.4s. I've heard the Black Knight drive 1.6s and it sounded excellent as well. The bass was great, and the sound was smooth and detailed.
Having owned many versions of Maggies, I have to tell you I was amazed with the OCM 200 on the 1.5s. Bass like no other amp. These can be found cheap on the used market, and I believe one is available from www.audiooutlet.com
I recommend tubes. I drove mine with three amps: The McCormack DNA1, a conrad johnson mv-50 (45 watt tube amp), and a vt100m2. I think the best of the bunch was the vt100 then the mv-50, then the dna. The maggies really seemed to like tubes. The mv-50 had NO PROBLEM driving them. I was amazed. All the power and bass you could ever want. I have to note that with my Audio Physic speakers, the dna and vt100 were extremely close in sound quality but not so with the maggies. Those things like tubes. One of my friends vehemently disagrees, saying the dna is much better than the mv-50 due to it's increased detail and transparency. The other agrees that the mv-50 is a much wonderful match. You lose transparancy to the vt100 and DNA, but the forwardness and lush quality of the midrange (esp with vocals) is simply wonderful. It's like having a person with a six-foot tall head singing in your room. I will say that if your decor allows it, you cannot go wrong with these speakers.
The AyreV3 is a great match with the Maggies. I very happy with the way it drives my 1.6's. Match that up with a good tube preamp, and you have a slice of audio heaven. I mate mine with an Audible Illusions M3A with all the latest upgrades. Best-Gary
Having owned Maggie 3.5r's for quite a while, and auditioning numerous amps, the Hafler 9500/9505 series is as good as anything else under $6500. These Haflers are not well-known, but GREAT value. 9500 series were Stereophile "b" recommended. Until I heard the big Levinson, nothing else was as good as the Haflers. For big money the Levinson 336 sounds quite good w/Magnepan. You may want to try Hafler and have money left over for more music/tweaks/etc!
I don't want to suggest that the 1.6's sounded bad with the dna. In fact it was quite excellent. It IS a good match! I just noticed that you could hear the tube 'liveness' and the solid state 'deadness' much more so through the 1.6's. I've never heard a speaker for which this was more apparent. The coherence provided by the panel driver was augmented by a tube amplifier's spaciousness. Amps shine with different speakers. The dna was head and shoulders the better than my vt100 with my old Vandersteen 3aSignatures, and neck and neck on my AP virgo's. Individual tastes will vary.
I have used the 1.6 with the VAC 30/30, Classe CAP-100, Classe CA300, Sim Moon I-5, VAC integrated, Magnum MD-208 and the Audio Research 100.2.....and the speaker is just superb with them all.
Nachtmusik, I will try to answer your question...I need to think a bit first....so much of each system is based on a combination of components and cables..
Nachtmusik, I had used all of the above amps & integrateds with different source components and wires..for the most part., So this memory rating is far from a "blind A/B" test. Anyway, the ARC 100.2, Vac Avatar..and Cap-100...might fall in that order. I believe the CAP-100 rates a bit higher than it might in some systems, because it was being used with a CDP-1 and Wireworld Gold Eclipse III wire...and those likely had big impact on that system being a sweet as it was. I think the Magnum MD-208 might be as good with the Maggies...but I have used it with lesser wires..and cd players...
proceed HPA2 is an outstanding choice. Not to bright on top with that quasi ribbon and plenty of currentfor the bass and midrange. Also, not a big drop off in sound from the Levinson units.
Best amp I've used on my 1.6QR Maggies by a large margin: Music Reference RM200.