OK, so I have to ask. Is this real, or is this a joke?

This is plastered several times on the Audiogon home page: "High Fidelity Cables NPS-1260 3D Enhancer 1.5ml" for $349. Am I late to the April fool’s party?   How much for a gallon?
Thanks Boxer 12, but I'm quite happy with the way my system sounds at the moment. 
Think I'd notice more of an audio improvement with a dram or two of a good whisky! 

Too bad you cannot try it, since you have such a strong opinion of the stuff.
I have been around the block a few times with many so-called tweaks, enhancements etc. And I have never been shy about calling out a product that does not work and or not worth the money.

But, the 1260 really is a remarkable product!
It is nothing like cleaning connections or adding some contact cleaner. This product must do something more, perhaps it seals/shields it from RF/EMI perhaps it does have some magnetic properties, but I really don’t know.
But I TRIED IT! And it really improves the sound quality!

Closed minds will not advance the discussion. It just makes the users and the naysayers go round and round to no end. Try it before you comment.

This is no joke and yet another amazing sound improvement.  It was a leap of faith well worth the jump…i just can’t believe what a difference this secret sauce and QSA fuses can do for sound enhancement.  I have Michael Stanley reincarnated playing Live in Tangiers in my home.  Unbelievable…thanks to all for the testimonials of success.